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[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Earth Sanctum

You will see a very long event. You will face Titano by yourself, it is easy; at least in normal mode (Don’t forget to use Nadly extract Scias gave you if you need it. You must use Gladius and shield that Scias just gave you). Run to Tia’s house, Tia will show you the way. You will end up in Altago Plains: northeast.

Go to Altago plains: lakeside (south of Altago plains: center), you will arrive at Iska village . You will see an event with Ciarrus on the elder’s house. Everyone will join you now. Get out from Iska village and you will get Moonsong bell (take dragon energy drop on this area).

Your first destination is Shannoa village, so go there (you don’t need the bell in order to reach Shannoa). As soon as you arrive at Shannoa village, go to Fatmia’s house (Elder’s house). She will tell you the spell so you can access earth sanctum. Go to Ancient tree:outside, and then head immediately to the Earth altar (Equip diamond boots to pass through the spike)..

Do you remember unpassable area in ancient tree outside (because of high level of the water)? Now you can get White talisman from the treasure chest at the end of the path (equip Grattheos Talisman).

Check the altar and you will arrive at

Earth Sanctum

Check the brown gel near the giant flower, use ancient tree sap and it will create a new path (1). Head north and take panacea. Back to point (2) and use ancient tree sap to create new path. Pass through the flower, and head south when you see a branching path to take Shield ring III at the of the path. Head north and follow the path to the next area.

Follow the simple path (you can also take Sapling and fossilized twig). Head west and use ancient tree sap on another brown gel. You can’t pass the flower now, it is inhibited by fruit. Go to point (3), destroy the fruit and take 20000G from brown box. Go north and follow the path, head southwest when you see branching path to get Sebrina incense. Go back and follow the path to the west, and go northwest to get Stone ring. Now go west to the next area.

Head south, take earth stone x 20 near sapling harvest point. Head east to point (4), use ancient tree sap on brown gel. Continue to the east and destroy inhibitor fruit in point (5). Follow the path to the south, and head east (right) when see a branching path. You will arrive in small platform, use ancient tree sap and destroy the fruit.

you can go back to point (4) to take Poison ring.

Now go back to point (6) and take the west path to the next area. Use ancient tree sap and destroy the inhibitor fruit. (8) If you have followed my guide from beginning then it should open a giant flower in the middle of the area. Go over there (portal) and you will be teleported.

Head east (right) first to take earth stone x20. Now continue to the other side and keep following the path. Go north a little and take Striga extract from brown box. Return following the path to the next area.

This area (9) is dark; you need to equip luminous stone so you can see a little clearly. Take training ring II from treasure chest then get out from this area through the southeast exit.

Head east (right) first to take Violet dual blade (decent elk’s weapon). Just follow the path to the west, recover and save your game on the stone monument. Move forward and

BOSS: Earth Dragon Rada-Manj

You can’t just deal damage to this thing, you must hurt his legs first (4 legs total). Go to upper platform when you have hurt all his legs (he will collapse) and then hit his head. The battle will takes place on the cliff now, you can deal damage to him now. He has some of the attack he used in the lower ground, so evade it like you did. Repeat the process when his leg has recovered. His attack patterns:

Tail whip: he only uses this attack after you have damaged both of his leg. Run away immedieately after you have damaged his leg.

Meteor briar: Briar falls to the ground (about 3 times) . Just dash away randomly and you should be able to evade this attack.

Stomp: watch out when he raise his leg because he is going to use this attack.

Fire breath (upper ground): Dash/run to opposite direction.

Fire breath (lower ground): Run/dash toward him (you safe when you near him).

Rada beam: A giant white beam fired on straight path. It is easy to evade because he has long delay when he is going to use this attack (charge white orb on his mouth).

2ND round

After you have caused enough damage to him, He will start chasing you. You can destroy orange crystal to recover your SP when he chases you. Always run forward when he chases you and only attack when he uses bite attack. His attack patterns:

Constant shockwave: Every move he made emits a shockwave. You can evade this by going to the opposite direction of the leg that he uses to move forward.

Laser eye: A laser beam from his eye. Dash to left or right to evade this attack.

Fire ball: Fire ball from his mouth. Run toward to him to evade this attack, but immediately dash away from when he starts moving.

Bite: dash away from his head this attack. Immediately attack his head when he use this attack.

After defeating him you will get Earth Dragon stone, Elk’s special skill also improve. Return to Shannoa village and talk with Fatima.

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  1. born2range says:

    Wow, Really good guide. I was just wondering which sanction to go to. Guess, I will give this one try 😛

  2. L says:

    I think you should note that you won’t have your current weapon in soloing a titano event. Some of my friends were underlevel’d and had to retry quite a few times.

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