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Posted on Aug 31, 2010

[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Fire Sanctum

Your destination now is Segram village. You can’t go there via normal route; you must go there via secret path. Go to Altago plains: southeast, use moonlight bell on Iska symbol and the path will be revealed (Look at the map for exact location). The symbol located on Iron ore harvest point in the screenshot.

Enter the new path and you will arrive at

Follow the path to the north part of this area.  Destroy the boulder on the northwest to obtain Hawk Eye III. After that go right to obtain Titano bone x10 and then head south to get Titano fluid x20.Go southwest to the next area.

Go north and destroy another boulder to obtain Silver telegnosis, go southeast a little to get Chigle extract. Just head to west until you see Iska monument. Use moonsong bell here and go to the new path. You arrive at Altago Point: southwest, from here just o to Segram village through the Segram desert.

Enter the town, and you will see an event in Mustafa’s house about her sister. Once you get the incantation, go immediately to the fire altar. Check the altar and let Mustafa spell the incantation. You will reveal the portal to the Fire sanctum.

Fire Sanctum

Always equip Ice diamond mist due to the magma floor. From the first portal, just follow the path to the north. When you arrive on branching path (1) go left first to take Striga extract at the end of the path. Return to Point (1) and go right to point (2), head south (north path leads to dead end) and keep going left when you see another branching path. It will lead you to small area; grab Power Wrist III at the end of the area. Return to point (3) and head north to the next area.

Go up and turn to the left to obtain 2 items (25000G and varl incense). Head right and follow the path until you reach point (4). There is a quicksand here, you will fall down to point (5) if you get absorbed by the quicksand. Take all items from harvest point nearby, and head west when you are finished. Grab Angue airbus while you going up from point (5). Head north, you will see a stone monument, so recover and save your game, go up when you’re ready.

Red hot Chase

You will chased by giant lava slime, keep going up and don’t even try to fight this monster (especially if you haven’t touch the stone monument or saving before ^^). There is 4 items along the way; 2 items is brown boxes contain healing items;  (you can miss these items). The other two is Blue treasure chest contain Sapphire and Rune ring (both of them located on the top of the area, so you can miss them). When you arrive at the top recover and save your game again. Enter the room and

BOSS: Flame dragon Angue barl

He is the easiest dragon of all dragons in Altago. Almost all of his attack has long delay and obvious pattern. His attack patterns:

Anguish shockwawe: An ordinary shockwave from his leg. Dash away when you see he rise his leg.

Anguish claw: Dash away from him when you see he draw his hand. It has long delay so it is easy to evade

Headbutt: He will dash toward you at slow speed. He will scratch the ground about 3-4 times when he is going to use this attack, so dash away from him when you see this action.

Firebreath: he opens his mouth and breaths fire. Never attack him on the face and you should never get hit by this attack. He always this attack with minor shockwave from his front leg.

Cataclysm:  Massive AOE and damage shockwave. Watch out for the lava level on the area, if the lava’s level decreases he is going to use this attack. Go down immediately to the hole to evade this attack.

Fire orb: He fires an red orb that will chase you. The orb is quite fast so dash away immediately.

Fire thrash: He always produce this attack when scratching the ground. Don’t stay behind his leg and you should be fine.

Fire armor: He surrounds his leg with fire, be careful when you attack him with melee characters because it will hurt them. Use range character to  attack him while he is on this state or use ranged attack.

After defeating him you will get Fire dragon stone and an improved special skill for Mustafa. Go back to Segram village and check Cruxie’s condition. You will see long event and Cruxie will join your party.

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    Forgot a Shale x20 chest in the second half of the Wilderness. 🙂 it’s hidden. Found it using Silver Telegnosis.

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    Thanks for the guide im just a bit stuck… what are you supposed to do after you beat the dragon? like I beat it at I dont know how to return to segram village?

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