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[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Moon Sanctum to Well of souls part 1

Now there is only 1 dragon stone left. Return to Altago city and go inside Tia’s house, you will see a glowing object on the table (Why we haven’t seen it before??). Check it and obtain Tia’s hairpin.

Go to Iska Village and talk to Ciarrius. He will mention the stone on the middle of the town is glowing. Actually it is the moon altar (It is really obvious from the beginning, isn’t it?). Save and recover your health; also buy recovery items of your stock was depleted in previous battle. Check it and use Tia’s hairpin on it. It will reveal the path to Moon Sanctum.

You will hear explanation about futile effort that party has been made and then

BOSS battle: Moon dragon

Small and cool, this boss has 2 phases. When you have reduced his HP up to 2/3, he will transform into big and dark dragon. I suggest you to have 1 ranged character to fight this boss, so you can gather Dragon energy easier (I use Mishera to fill my dragon energy gauge and then use his tornado spell to attack him; I really love this skill =)) ). His attack patterns:

Moonlight dash: an average speed dash to ward you, just dash to the left or right when he does this attack.

Meteo breath: few small fire ball comes out from his mouth, step back a little evade.

Tornado: much like Mishera’s spell, dash away when you see this attack coming or flash guard (L+R at the right time).

Thunder pillar: 2 thunder pillar moving toward you in zigzag pattern. See the path where the pillar moves and walk carefully to evade.

Trails of light: He creates 3 orbs that emit 3 light. The orb will rotate so just keep moving follow the pattern to evade this attack.

Moon beam: He shot his beams from the orb, leaves middle section empty so go there. Be careful, because he shots fire ball when doing this attack , so run to the back when he split the fires or do flash guarding.

Slash: His slash will generate 3 moon crescents, so don’t just stand after you evade his slash, stand in between the crescent to evade the attack.

2nd form

Big ugly dragon, you can only damage him by attack his tail on the first time. When he changes his stance (he lowers his head) then you can attack his head. His attack patterns:

True dragon beam: Very large beam toward your position, just dash away and you will be saved.

Slash: his slash has big width AOE so dash away to the back (not left or right).

Moon dive: He jumps and then creates giant shockwave that will make you crumbling if get caught in AOE. There is 2 version of this attack; the first one is not dangerous and easy to evade (you can tell by the height of his jumps). Change to the other characters if you stunned (the other characters probably will not get stun status).

Tail whip: Be careful when you attack his tail on the beginning of this battle because he sometime uses his tail to attack you. You need to dash to the backside to evade this attack.

Moon ball: He spits purple electric orb toward you, the orb is slow but will explode when it touches the ground.

Moonquake: He creates 4 way shockwaves. Go in between the shockwaves to evade the attack.

After that you will receive last dragon stone and Adol can use Lunar dragon blade as his special skill. Get out from moon sanctum. Talk with Ciarrius and you should see the appearance of the well of souls.

Go inside well of souls when you are ready. This is last dungeon in the game, check weapons shop to get new equipment and armor.

Area 1

Item on this area:
(0) Moon stone x20
(0) Striga extract (underwater area)

Just follow the path and grab the item along the way. South exit leads to underwater area, so equip grattheos talisman unless you want lame game over :D. You can also fall down into the underwater area by falling down in hole near of Alp flower on the northside of this area. Continue to small room on the north (1). Use moonsong bell at the wall and enter it to the next area.

Area 2

Item on this area:
(0) Dragon energy drop
(0) white talisman

In this area you will see a rotating red light. Be careful when you pass through them, you can’t passing it using a brute force (they will bounce you back) so just walk slowly following their pattern. Go to point (1) on my map; stand on the switch and Iska symbol (1) will appear. Use Moonsong bell over there and you will down to area 3.

Area (3)

Item on this area:
(0) Stompy (Cruxie’s weapon)
(0) Volos staff (Mishera’s weapon)
(0) Dueler (Geis’s weapon)
(0) Lunar carapace (Dogi’s weapon)
(0) Hyper cutter ( Adol’s weapon)
(0) Sylard (Elk’s weapon)
(0) Huley (Aisha’s weapon)

There is a giant crystal on the middle of the area (1). Use this to remove the barrier that blocked your path. To make things easier I create the solver for the puzzle.

How to use it:
The picture indicates location of the switch. Let’s say you want to open the door on the east to unlock moon switch. My note says: B1=>B2=>W2; so you must direct the light from big white crystal on the middle to Blue crystal (B1) and then rotate B1 so it continues the light to another blue switch (B2), then direct it to white crystal (W2). Last step is to direct light from W2 so it goes to the crystal near the barrier. Fiuh, sorry  for a long explanation =)).

Here is the solver:

  • (E) East door (leads to moon switch): B1=>B2=>W2
  • (N) and (W) West and north door (they use the same pattern , you only need to direct last crystal to the barrier crystal): B1 => W1
  • (S) south door:R2=>W2
  • (SS) south south door: R1=>W1=>RO1=>RO2

You should be able to get all of the weapons in this area. After getting all the weapons go to moon symbol in point (2) and rotate the symbol. It will make the stairs appear. Go back to area 2 and go to exit in the south part of this area.

You will arrive in small room, just head east to the next area. Recover and move forward

Mini boss: Souls of the fallen Dragg Leth

They are more look like strong enemy than a boss. All of their attack can easily evaded by using  dash. Just don’t be aggressive when you face them (3-4 hit then dash away). Try to use AOE spell (Tornado, Pentagram, etc) when both of them are close. They have a high HP so the battle may take a time.

After beating Dragg Leth, move forward to next part of this dungeon.

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