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[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Sea Sanctum

You have gathered 3 dragon stones. Go to Iska Village and talk to Ciarrius. Something happen at Altago; Adol and his friends decide to go over there. Go to the old town and kill 2 monsters to save Maya. Now go to harbor district to help Geis defeating another monsters. Geis will join your party, go to Altago Palace. You will fight someone familiar there, it is useless try to defeat SPOILER now. Just let him kill your party (If you still insist to defeat him there will be a point when you can’t cause any damage to SPOILER again and you will be defeated, so don’t waste your time; CMIIW).

Long event, buy new equipment in shop and head to harbor district to go to the sea sanctum. Go to the altar like usual and you will arrive at

Sea Sanctum- Maze 1

Follow the path and go up when you see a branching path. Press the switch (1) to destroy the barrier (1), you can obtain fossilized twig x20 now. Grab striga extract while you are going to switch (2) and then press the switch and continue to the next area.

Sea Sanctum Cave area 1

Go north and take Fossilized twig x20 from brown box, and then continue east to a higher area. Ignore blue chest in this area and go up immediately; grab varl incense nearby. Go to point (A) on my map and fall down from there. You will arrive at (3F) platform where you can grab Sid Rondo from the treasure chest. Return to 4th floor, you can’t pass the stairs on the west so head to the north door first.

Sea Sanctum Maze 2

Go up to the left, take the northeast path when you see branching path. Continue until you arrive at point (1), press the switch and go to the bridge (1). Go north, then west to take Monster horn x20. Head to point (A) and fall into the lower platform to take Dalmatica. Now head to point (2) to trigger another switch; it will make the water flowing into the area. Take Albatros from treasure chest nearby. Trigger the switch on  point (3) to lower bridge (3); it will stop the water from flowing, so you can go back to obtain Flash ring II. Go pass through bridge (3) to switch (4) location. Head to bridge (4) and take thin hide x 20 at the end of the path. Now go to the next area through east exit (take Ice ring while you go there).

Sea Sanctum cave area 2

Head east and go down using the south path. You are now at B1f, take Monster claw x 20 on the east. Return to 1F and continue east, grab chaos shield and go to 2f. Follow the path to west, take Chaos armor and then go to 3f. Head east and take Steel Hooks at the end of the path. You can get chaos sword by using dash to the small platform where the item is located. Continue west to the exit; grab vitality ring while you go there.

You will return to the cave area 1 (4F), now equip steel hooks and head to the ice stairs on the west.

Sea Sanctum Maze 3

Follow the path until you see barrier (1) on my map, go to opposite direction from the barrier and keep following the path until you see the switch (1) and press it. Go to barrier (1) and head northeast to grab Rare scale from treasure chest, you can get Training ring III by dashing forward in crossroad section (X) and keep following the path until you get it from treasure chest. Now go back to crossroad section (X) and fall into lower path, head north to the next area.

Head east and be careful not to get sucked by the water. Now fall down in hole number (2). You will arrive at previous area, go up and take Energy orb from treasure chest. After that return to the hole area. Now just head west to the next area and grab items along the way (Striga extract and Great arm).

You arrive in spiral area; just keep following the path until you see a stone monument. Save your game and recover then continue forward

BOSS: Sea Dragon O- Balon

You can damage him when he is going inside the cave. Use Adol’s special skill and direct it toward its body to cause massive body (direct the laser so it is on par position with O-balon’s body and it will hit multiple parts of its body). On  the 2nd phase you can cause damage on his head. O- Balon has very predictable attack pattern so you won’t feel any trouble when fight him. His attack patterns:

Electric fin: His fin emits lightning, so be careful when you go nearby.

Purple electric orb:  slow purple orb chases you. Only run from this attack or let it hit you because it does a little damage (normal mode).

Cyclone armor: He will create this armor if you attack him too much. Go to the small ledge when he uses this attack.

Mustache sweep: He sweeps the area using his moustache. Stay on the middle near his head and follow the flow of his attack.

O-surprise: His head come out randomly from 3 holes in the room. Dash away from his head when you see it comes out.

Mustache whip: a vertical attack from his whip. See a shadow on the floor to know where the landing point of the moustache.

After this battle you will get sea dragon stone and improved special skill for Aisha. Return to Altago.

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  1. shiki says:

    I’m playing it now…yeah I know its late but your guide is very useful 🙂

  2. Monozu says:

    you forget a few attack for see dragon…. in nightmare mode its has eye laser beam…and he can call out 2 minion cannot be HURT when the area is water….the minions can be killed after he make the field become ice(the minion automatic stunned @@)hope that help u some

  3. Pat says:

    There’s a mistake in Maze3. The hole leading to the energy orb is the one in the south-west (lowest point in the picture).

  4. L says:

    SPOILER is undamagable when his HP goes to 1/2, you aren’t wrong about it. So just grab water while he massacres your party.

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