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[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Well of Souls part 2

Well of souls part 2

Area 1
[  ] Titano bone x20
[  ] Soul stone x20

Sometimes you see a spiked area; it is easier to pass them by using diamond boots. There are 2 south in this area, go to southeastern exit first to push giant boulder (1).

Area 2
[  ] Striga extract

You only need to push boulder in point (1). After pushing the boulder return to area 1 and take the middle path. You will arrive at area 2 lower path, just follow the path to the next area.

Area 3
[  ] Titano spine x10

There is nothing special here, just head to the next area after you grab Titano spine x10  from treasure chest.

Area 4
[  ] Moonlight symbol (Red chest)
[  ] hard hide x 30
[  ] Clone statue

Go north to the next area and use moonsong bell on Iska symbol (1). The new path will appear leads you to Moon Talisman. You can continue east now passing through the wind of destruction (equip moon talisman). You can go to underwater area by going to south exit (Equip Grattheos talisman,dude), but you can also fall down into by using the holes. After you grabbing all the items on the underwater, go back to upper area, and be careful not to falling down again :D.

Area 5 and Area 6
[  ] Maom Extract
[  ] Varl incense
[  ] Soft hide x 30
[  ] Alp extract
[  ] Striga extract

Only 2 simple and straight areas. Head south to arrive in last area with stone monument. Go back to Iska village to buy new armor, and if you want to obtain all ultimate weapons gather soul stone from well of souls. Don’t hesitate to waste your money because there is no new game + or anything in this game, so stock your recovery items for last battle. Proceed when you are ready and

BOSS: Knight of Despair Scias

I guess it is not spoiler for now 😀 because I believe you can guess who’s the last boss in this game. You can beat him now, so don’t leave your PSP in this battle like earlier one. He only has few attack patterns and they are easy to evade. His attack patterns:

Combo slash: Like ordinary attack of your characters, stay away from him when he doing this and counter immediately as soon as he has finished the attack.

Dominator: Same as Adol dominator but his last thrust have large AOE, so go behind him and attack him from there.

Earth splitter: This attack has 2 version. 1st version is just one hit attack so you could easily evade it. In th e2nd version he will creates a multiple shadow first ( if you see the shadow immediately start to dashing around) and all of his shadow will unlesh this attack (3-5 shadows).

Iska slash: He will jumps and disappear from the screen immediately dash away from your current position because he will slash that spot and create large AOE attack.

Crescent slash: If you see his slash has purple color then it is indicating this attack. Go behind him to avoid the crescent wave.

Go inside the door (You can’t turning back once go inside, so if you want to restock your items do it now).


  • I suggest you to equip energy orb on Adol because it helps you regenerate dragon energy while you dodge boss’s attack.
  • use an item healing (group) on 1st and 2nd phase but don’t use single target healing items
  • Before you use those healing items, change your characters because AI characters tend to have more HP so the healing items will work effectively
  • if one of your character get bad status, change to another character (they probably still on perfect condition)
  • Buy newest equipment in the town, especially for your spare characters (if you are like me you still not changed them from initial equipment =)) )
  • Don’t hesitate use healing items on Adol the battle is quite hard (at least for me) =))

In last boss battle I won’t give all the attack patterns because they will slow down page load 😀 (Too many picture). I only give important info and important attack patterns.

BOSS: Tialuna

She is easy as Scias, Use hit and run tactic when you fight her (3-4 then run). I prefer to use Mishera in this battle because almost of Tialuna’s attack are ranged and it is easier to evade it whne you see it is coming. I suggest you don’t use any healing item because this battle is easy and you need healing item stock for upcoming battle. Her attack patterns:

Summon minion: He can summon minion so defeat this minion first before you begin attacking Tialuna again.

Fire spray: fire attack you can evade it by dash away from the fire.

Wind breath: He use her staff to create breath of the wind. It has short range so if you followed my advice (using ranged character) it won’t hit you.

Thunderbolt: 7 lightning bolts come from her, moving in spiral pattern. See the pattern and evade

Final battle: Rul-Ende

This final boss is tough (especially in nightmare). You fight him 3 times with different characters. Each battle has unique weakness, you can’t just attack its core and cause damage.

1st phase

You start battle with: Dogi, Mishera,Elk

You can’t attack its core in the beginning. Attack his claw first and when you have damaged him enough the core will reveal itself. Now attack the core with all your strongest attack. After a while the core will move forward so follow it while still attacking the orb. The orb will absorb you after it moving out, when it absorbs you immediately dash away from the main body to evade its attack. You can evade some of his attack by staying near the core.

2nd phase

You star battle with: Geis, Cruxie, Aisha

Use Aisha to gather dragon energy and use Geis to use the dragon energy. He has nasty laser attack (3 times consecutively), if you got hit by 1st laser probably you will got hit by next laser. To evade the laser see the pattern that appear and immediately move from those lines, next laser will takes place near the first one so watch out for mark on the floor.

He can also cast lightning wall, to evade this see the wall patterns and dash to safe area. You can attack his core immediately while he is in this form. I suggest you to use Geis’s special skill on this boss.

3rd phase

Only with red haired adventurer

Yeah it is only Adol, but because he is most powerful characters (IMO) it is no problem at all. On the first you need to kill 5 Mini Ende on the edge of the arena before you can damage his core. After you have killed 5 mini ende his HP will decrease so don’t need to be panic when you look at his HP. Every time you have destroyed mini ende, other mini ende will angry at you by shooting the laser, so see the patterns like you did in 2nd phase but it is easier to evade than 2nd phase’s laser. Don’t uses Pentagram slash here, because it is cost too much dragon energy. Just use ordinary skill (sword dance is my favorite but it is all up to you).  Some of his attack patterns:

Big bang laser: He has largest beam attack that all of boss battle in this game so watch out for this beam.

Purple wave: this quite hard to evade, you need to move quickly to the blank platform and keep moving until he stops this attack.

Prism quake: see the floor pattern and immediately go to unmarked area to evade this attack.

Laser dance: He creates some kind of small laser and rotating his body, keep dashing away to evade the attack.

Watch the ending and :mrgreen:

Thank you for using my guide whiles you playing Ys game. Sorry,  if there is misinformation or bad grammar (I am not native English speaker :D). If you have a suggestion or want to help me you can leave comment or send me an email by using contact link on above (include the subject).

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  1. Robert Victor Jocson says:

    Attention!!! ys lovers I have a annoucement beacause ys foilage ocean in celceta will be released 9/27/12 in Japan but sadly 🙁 it’s only for PS vita

    • noobbgodlike says:

      PS vita is not the problem,the problem is whether they’re gonna localize it or no. I will get vita this October for ragnarok odyssey, hope they localaize this one too 😀

  2. Robert Victor Jocson says:

    I cried in the last event that Tialuna will be the alternative root and she gone

  3. Roy.C says:

    Damn! I almost cried when I saw the ending…The game is nice, but the story is nicer! 🙂 Hope there will be another YS game similar to this one. 😀

  4. Is there Ys Seven 2? cuz i’m exited to play the next adventure cuz the first one is so easy i want the part 2

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I heard falcom was creating something like that for another platform. It has been said it’s not the “true” ys series series because ys usually use romanian number (I,II,IV). so it has been rumored that they will create YS VII 😀

  5. Scias says:

    Hi where can i get flash guard i didnt use any walkthrough plz tell meeeee

  6. L says:

    Flash Guard is AWESOME against the last boss, especially with Adol lol.

    I also to party equip the million dollar thing (forgot name) from Altago shop (with all the expensive items) for quick charge on the super bar (Trust me, gettion a million dollar is easy when you go for the ultimate equip/armors). Aisha is a good choice for fighting Tialuna and Sicas (Waspinator).

    For Rul-Ende’s first phase, try to save super for the core. IMO, first phase is the hardest.

    Btw, what lvl are you when you get to Sicas? Mine was 63.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I was at level 60 when fought scias (normal mode) and I am not buying ultimate equipment. I simply use weapon which i got in this dungeon, I am planning to get ultimate weapon in nightmare mode.
      Replaying this game now LOL. This game is very good, better than KH BBS IMO.

      • L says:

        Ys is a classic after all lol……… And nightmare mode is crazy, I got 1 hit by the turtle at lvl 5 o.O

        Can’t wait for Oath in Felghana. I guess I’ll get a calendar too haha.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, This is my first ys game. Is Oath of Felghana good?? are you buying Collector’s edition for Felghana?? The difference of the cost about 10 $, I really want to buy limited edition too but there is already Castlevania for PS 3 T T and Golden Sun on NDS. Yeadh Nightmare mode is very hard. Wait until you fight Earth dragon T T 🙁

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