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[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Wind Sanctum

Your destination is Kylos Village. Teleport to Cave byway (in) and head north to small room with Iska symbol. Use Moonsong bell here and new path will appears. Go inside to Moonlight path.

Follow the path to the south, you will see branching path (left,down, and rigtht). Head south first and take Titano Bone x10. Go back, and go right until you see another branching path (1). Keep going to east, destroy the boulder to obtain Shimmer Brooch III. Follow the path to the south and obtain Titano Fluid x20. Return to point (1) and go west to the next area.

Follow the path until you reach point (2) in my map and go right to obtain Maom Extract. Now just head west to exit this place. You arrive at Kylos Gorge Northwest, Now head north to the Kylos village.

Go to the middle of the Kylos village and defeat all dragon knights over here. After defeating them go to the shop to buy better equipment, and then to the Holy precincts of wind.

Head to the altar immediately and then check it. You will arrive at wind sanctum.

Wind Sanctum – outer mountain

First part of this dungeon only consist small areas. Just keep following the path until You arrive at the new environment. Item on the area:

  • Area 1: None
  • Area 2: 4 Harvest point; 3 (Wind stone and iron ore); 1(Withered hardwood and Fossilized twig)
  • Area 3: 3 harvest points; (Ambuna seed and fruit); (Striga seed and leaf ); (windstone and iron ore)
  • Area 4 (last): Ambuna Fruit and seed. This is the last area of the outer mountain. Go to the portal (The maps start from here).

Wind Sanctum (cliff area)

Keep going to the east and take the lower path first. Head east and take Ruby at the end of the path. You can fall down in Point (1) and you will arrive at (2); head to the portal and you will come back to the beginning of the area. Now take the upper path and head east until you arrive at the next area.

You must equip wind cape to cross the lands here. Go up and take wind stone from the harvest point. From the harvest point go west and take gravity ring from treasure chest. Head north and enter the portal to arrive at the inside of the temple.

If you fall down you will arrive at point (3); just enter the portal over there to return to the beginning of the area.

Wind sanctum – Temple area 1

Press the switch immediately after you have arrived in this area. Go up to the right. Keep following the path until you reach another switch (2) and then press it. Go up and passing through the crystal (2), unequip your wind cape so you can fall into lower platform. Enter the portal (A) at the end of the path. Go south to take Withered Hardwood x20. Go left to Portal (B) (you can fall in order to get Monster horn x20 in small platform but you must go back to point (A) again).  Press the switch over here (3) and take the item from the harvest point, go to the portal when you are finished. Go to crystal (3) on the north and enter portal (C). Go up and press the switch (4), now you can go to the next area by entering the portal behind the crystal (4).

Wind sanctum – Temple area 2

Follow the path and head straight to the west. Press the switch over here (1); it will unlock crystal (1). Go to switch number (2) and press the switch. Now go back to crystal (2) to take Striga extract from brown box. Go north; you can fall down in Point (A) to get withered hardwood x20 and 4 wind stone harvest point. Enter the portal and you will return to the beginning of the area. Go back to switch number (2), but now follow the path to the north until you arrive on higher platform.

Go to point (B) and fall from here. Take Vitality belt III and press the switch. The crystal (4) is gone now, so head there and enter the portal.

Wind Sanctum – Temple area 3

Go right to the upper platform by using wind cape. Take The Aerthas staff and then press the switch (1). Go back to the left and then pass the crystal (1) until you see another branching path. Go right and press the switch (2), it will melt crystal (2) nearby. Go up and fall in point (B), obtain 30000 G and return by using the portal nearby. Head north to switch (3) (northwest). After pressing the switch (3), go up by using the wind to obtain Maom extract. Now go pass the crystal (3) to press switch (4). You can go to the next area now.

Wind sanctum – abyss

Just go north (equip wind cape) and fly. Be careful not get too near with the fan (it hurts). You can un equip your wind cape so you will fall and arrive in small platform. Most important item is Blood Nail (life leech), you can get it by falling in hole between switch (1) and (2). Press the switch (1) and (2) and then go up straight. Take Varl incense and Dragon energy drop and then go up to check the bird statue. Agree to use the statue.

In the middle of your trip there will be enemies, defeat them and you will arrive at new area. Recover and save your game, move forward and

BOSS: Wind Dragon-mu anti

He is quite tough, many of his attacks are hard to dodge. Don’t be aggressive when you are fighting him (1-2 hit and then run) because his attacks have short delay. He can inflict poison and confusion to your character, so I hope you have panacea. He can flies and you can still attack his tail when he is flying. His attack patterns:

Iron maiden: Giant spike come out from his belly. Don’t too aggressive when you fight him because this attack is very quick and it is hard to evade.

Dance of the wind: he spins and then create a shockwave. Dash away as far as you can from him, because if you got caught you will be stunned and then vulnerable to his attack.

Rolling stone: He rolling like a wheel. Dash away from him immediately when he opens his mouth and suck the air into his mouth:D.

Wind blade: He only does this attack when he is flying. Position yourself so you are in between of the wind.

Vacuum tail: He will absorb you to his tail and unleash some crazy wave. If you get hit by those wave your character will enter confuse state.

Wind ball: He shot this from his mouth and will cause multiple hit attacks if it hits you. Dash away from the attack immediately when you see he split green ball from his mouth.

Limit attack: You can’t cancel this attack even by using special skill. He will fire a big green wave and then run toward you to swallow your characters. If he manages to swallow you, attack him with another character (if he manages to swallow all character then just wait until he throw you out). Dash to one direction immediately (left or right) to evade this attack (keep dashing until he fails to swallow you!!!

After defeating him you will get wind dragon stone and special skill for mishera. Go back to Kylos village for now.

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