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Posted on Nov 14, 2011

Rani’s Route Round 5 Julius Harway and Assassin Matrix Level E Fate Extra Guide

5. Unborn/Dead End

Day 1

Read bulletin board and see an event. Go to commissary to buy new items (enhancement spike and dragon cloak). Go to arena entrance and head to

PS (thanks to Zero): Go to CHapel and talk with Blue haired lady to learn some background info about them. You don’t need to do this but still suggested to know the story much better

5th Chimeric Lunar Sea

Move forward and see an event 😀 (Matrix Level rise to level 1). Hmm what a short day….

Day 2

Name Recommended action
Punishment BABBGB
Necrophobia ABBBAB BAAGA?

Get out from the class and head to 1F. Talk to Taiga to receive a side quest (Coin). Go to Nurse’s office and talk to Sakura to obtain Magic Crystal Sphere. Go to 3F and talk to Rani, you’ll obtain bypass circuit. Now go back to the arena 1F.

Tips: Use enhancement spike ability (increase movement speed) and then evade the enemy on the dungeon because your damage will be halved and enemy’s damage x2. Or you can do it the easy way by taking shortcut at point (1).

Visit point (2) on my map. You’ll meet with Julius at that point. You’ll be offered 2 choices:

[1] Run
[2] Fight

Choose 1st option and don’t try the second option (probably leads “load game” text).

Day 3

See an event; Rani tells you not to peek inside while she treats your servant. It’s all up to you to obey it or not (don’t know if this has serious consequences on future). You need to go to Library regardless of your choice though. So, go to Library and then go back to 1F.

Your servant is back now. Try to go to the arena and see an event (Matrix level 2). Now head to the 5th Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Take the 1st trigger and Babylonian Coin (this is your last day to obtain this coin so you must take it today!!). Get out when you have completed this floor.

Day 4

Go to 3F and talk to Rani (I chose 2nd option). Go to 1F and then talk to Taiga, give her Babylonian coin and accept another request from her (Lobster). Head to

Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

Place 3 traps on this dungeon. You can’t move pass the barrier, so just get out from this dungeon today.

Day 5

Forgot = 2nd trigger (thanks to ultimecia for reminding me)

New monsters Recommended action

PS: Head to library to talk with Leo and learn about Harway Family

Event with choices (I chose 2nd option). Go to 3F to talk to Rani and then head to

5th Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

Go to the spot where you place the last traps. You’ll enter a battle with them. Just survive for 3 turns like usual (Use skill when you can’t see his action bar). After this battle, your matrix rise to level 3. Grab the lobster and 2nd trigger then get out from this floor.

Day 6

PS: Go to Library to learn some backgrounds of the assassin.

Talk to Rin on the 1F (Choose any option that you like because you can choose others once the dialogue has been finished). Give the lobster to Taiga. Head to 3F to obtain Taiga’s Tea Service and talk to Rani.  Now you’re free, you can train in the arena or take the 2nd trigger if you haven’t before (I train my archer to lvl 30 and still die number of times when facing Julius).

For archer User

Finally, he gives us his noble phantasm; it raise my matrix level to 2. I really like unlimited blade works music and animation :D. It will greatly enhance your projection ability (raise chance to inflict bad status on enemies, wing of crane does higher damage)

Day 7

Organize your information (3, 1, 2), your matrix is level E now. Go to Kotomine and enter Coliseum

Equip: exorcist blade (hack), staff of fortitude, and coat of arms (for archer only, he’ll give you after you have killed about 300 enemies on the arena). If you equip coat of arms make sure you have healing items on your inventory.

BOSS: Li Shuwen (Assassin)

He always use his noble phantasm (no second strike) on the second turn (CMIIW).  It deals very high damage (1600 to my archer; defense rate level is C).

He’s very hard, my suggestion is heal your servant every turn (via item or spell). Li Shuwen’s skill:

[0] Focused Chi: Greatly increase the damage of the next attack (1st action bars; this skill is a requirement for his noble phantasm. If you hack when he does this spell then he won’t be able to use” no second strike”)
[0] Heightened Chi: increase strength
[0] Charged Chi: increase defense
[0] No second strike: Always does 90% of your remaining HP (Thanks to Zero)

Julius’s code cast:
[0] Seal guard: block your guard command for few turns

Use hack on the beginning of this battle. This will prevent him from using his noble phantasm (need to have focused chi). He always uses “Focused Chi” on the 1st action bars, so use hack and break on 1st action turn. However healing should become your first priorities. Use “skill” on the turn where you can’t hack him (because you heal your servant, etc) to prevent damage from his normal attack.

Tips from Zero

I found a REALLY evil way to beat the 5th week opponent. Get the matrix Lv to E (so you can keep skill use to a minimum) and then equip the Staff of Rebuke or the Staff of Fortitude; and then equip the Scarlet Coat of Arms (or whatever equip gives you the most MP that you happen to have) and then during the fight hit the enemy with your servants least costly offensive skill on all the slots you don’t know about (except the first one). He will always use a buff skill on the first turn so you can just ignore it and hit him with a normal attack there, and he only ever uses his ultimate attack on the second move, which ALWAYS does 90% of your current health in damage…so in other words if you can keep hitting him with skills on any of the 6th moves that are unknown then you will effectively take away his ability to kill you. He will only be able to prep his opening move and launch his ultimate attack, and neither are capable of killing you

For archer User

I recommend you not to use unlimited blade works in this battle because I find it useless in this battle. Yeah, I know it’s cool but it’s not cool when I died on unlimited blade works mode :D. See an event (archer’s matrix level will rise to 3)

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45 Responses to “Rani’s Route Round 5 Julius Harway and Assassin Matrix Level E Fate Extra Guide”

  1. Archer says:

    missing pattern at punishment:GBABGG(last Guard is for skill)

  2. Natulcien says:

    Do you know of any easy way to defeat the assassin without the Exorcist Blade? Cause…I kinda sold mine…

  3. jimmy says:

    Here is another tips, i always discover that on the three move, i will always use ATTACK. And it always succeed. So, i guess the third move, Assassin will always use BREAK.

  4. Zimbobwii says:

    Hello! Wanted to first say thanks for making this guide. Really helped me out (especially with the monsters) I’m posting this cause of something I noticed while leveling during this current week. The monsters that use “Skills” seems to be replacing where you would usually guard in a situation. As in if it was GABAAA the monster might change his first move to a skill but the rest would still be the same. This is just theory on my part but thought I’d share it at least. Thanks again!

  5. Misaka says:

    For Saber user, this is how I manage to defeat Assasin :

    1. Make sure that the Thrice-setting Sun and Fount of the Healer skill always active.
    2. Always stun on the first action. Heal if necessary. If not, just use Break (your health will increase).
    3. Survive till 4 turn, then use Noble Phantasm. Just spam attack or if want style win use skill.lol

  6. Jerome says:

    What is “W” in recommended attacks?

  7. No Face says:

    On Day 1 on the Rin route, after you talk with Rin about Julius, if you talk to her again she gives you an item (Magic Crystal Sphere I think)

    • No Face says:

      I’ll correct myself, if you receive the item from Rin on the first day, Sakura doesn’t give an item the next day lol.

  8. Darth matter says:

    i love your guide i just have one problem. it would be very much appreciated if you marked on the maps where Nephilim appear as well as what day the appear on. i followed your guide for this even tho i did the other girl’s story and i found out with one day left until the boss fight that i had missed a Nephilim and since i started the game as a caster user it was kinda important that i get it since i did not know how many are in the game in total. so i started that part from day one. anyway thanks for listening to me ramble on and thank you for the guide really its a blessing

  9. eiriankageno says:

    Awesome guide. Question for you- is the post week 5 boss battle scene with Archer as slashy with the guy as the Saber one is femslashy with the girl?

    As a girl gamer I’m curious if they were equal opportunity or whether they only felt it would be okay with the girl.

  10. Nic says:

    What is Rani/Rin doing in the nurse’s office to create the temporary contract?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, just guess or imagine anything you want 😀

      • tesrab says:

        mybe like the time when Shiro and Rin and Saber when they Fought berserker

        • Zero says:

          lol that is exactly what was going on. Although that scene played out very differently depending on if you played the original game or if you watched the anime. The game certainly made more sense and wasn’t as much of a tease as the anime was that’s for sure 🙂

        • Nic says:

          i dont watch the anime so maybe you could tell me what the conditions is? 🙂

  11. No Face says:

    On day 5 if you go to the library you can get some background information on the Harway family and have a short chat with Leo.

    • No Face says:

      There’s also some extra information about Assassin’s abilities in the library on Day 6 (just background stuff just like the one I mentioned above for those who like to read up on stories)

  12. SolBalmung says:

    First of all thank you very much for the guide, Im having a blast with my caster and sailing smoothly through the game up to the 5th week. I have a question if I may ask, its about the nephilim monsters, When do they appear in this 5th week, do they follow the same pattern as the last week? I mean like appearing in the 2 and 6th day? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      to fight nephilim enemy, Use shockwave 2nd strike (2 free attack at the beginning of the battle) and then shock (1 more attack) result in 1 ex attack. Thenspma your skill, it should die on the next turn. I can’t figure the pattern because they’re rarely appear. Thanks for using my guide

    • Zero says:

      During week 5 you have the third and fourth Nephilim which should be

      #3 – week 5, Day 3
      #4 – week 5, Day 5

  13. Grismak says:

    I spent it very easy with the caster, but she was already at level 40^^

  14. Ankh says:

    hmm nice guide there 😀
    i’m using caster right now n it’s very challenging to defeat assassin..

  15. ArisBranwin says:

    It took 3 tries but I beat him. I did unlimited 3rd turn and followed up with several attacks. He likes to spam his str+ on the 2nd action so use that to hit heavy or cancel out his hits. Works well. Tho I wish we woulda gotten more out of Julius in the end.

  16. Ultimecia says:

    This is exactly the same during Rin route. Except it’s Rin who’s going to help you out bypassing and stuff. Even the info at day 6, I didn’t had even to talk with Rani during this round.

  17. Zero says:

    it might be interesting to note that on Day 1 of this week you can go to the church and talk to the sister with blue hair and she will give you some inside info about the two of them, how they exist there, and other info that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Seeing it shouldn’t affect anything but its kinda interesting background info that is pretty easy to miss.

  18. haitechan says:

    This guy was a total nightmare. Even the previous and next bosses are easier. I ended using the “cheap” way to beat him because I couldn’t do it the “normal” way. I died a few times but I did it at the end. So thanks to Zero for the tips for beating Assassin and to you for the rest (specially the monsters patterns!).

  19. Kirea says:

    This is very helpful, thank you.

    but do you know when Saber gets her Noble phantasm?

    • Zero says:

      If I remember correctly I think it unlocks at the end of the 5th week. And to trigger it I think you have to wait until the 4th round passes or so before you can activate it.

    • Pokuri says:

      you get your NP at the same time (day 6), regardless of what servant you have.

  20. Zero says:

    I actually think this is one of the easiest servants to beat, I posted a cheap way to beat him on your main page a couple days ago. You should be able to beat him easily if you are the recommended level no matter what your stats or servant is. Although if you are using Archer I’d recommend using his UBW to jump up his damage since defense is pretty much pointless in this match if you fight him right.

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