Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D SS Rank Guide: Mission 3 |
Posted on Jul 19, 2011

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D SS Rank Guide: Mission 3

Mission 3-1

Area: Missile area

Goal: kill 15 majinis

Tips:Use Hunk to get SS rank easily in this area. Start by going east and shoot the red drum (1). It should kill all 4 majinis nearby. Don’t take any items just continue upstairs to point (2) [take flash grenade while going there). Now kill all majinis in that spot by using physical attacks to obtain bonus time. Remember to toss your flash grenade if you see a las plagas pops from enemy’s head (that’s why I told you to use Hunk, because his “the end” won’t trigger the las plagas).

You need to finish this mission around 1:42 mark to obtain SS rank.

Mission 3-2

Area: The mines

Objective: Kill 10 majinis


You need to finish this quest around 1:28-1:30. This means that you must kill enemies ASAP and use physical attacks to get bonus time. Try to use character that has strong physical attack in this area (Hunk, Krauser, etc).

For Hunk user: You can kill 1st-5th  enemies by using elbow strike (head shot attack), but you can’t kill next enemies by one punch so start using the end instead of elbow strike on 6th enemy onward.

Mission 3-3

Area: The mines

Objective: Kill 20 Majini


You must maintain the combo up to 20 and finish this quest around 1:15 to obtain SS rank. Use physical attack to kill enemies and don’t forget to take combo bonuses from the treasure chests along the way.

Mission 3-4

Area: Public assembly (night)

Objective: Survive


Take all time bonuses that scattered in this area. You don’t need to take the combo bonus on B1 in order to get SS rank. Be careful because it may interrupt your combo counter because the enemy is very slow to catch up with you to B1 (let some enemies follow you so you can kill them to reset combo timer).  Watch out for fat majini, run away after you have killed him because he’ll explode.

You need to get about to get SS rank. Try to keep your combo as high as possible (high combo= high score)

Mission 3-5

Area: Deserted island (night)

Objective: Kill B.O.W within time limit


You won’t be interrupted by Majini in this stage, watch out for small parasites because they can bind your character; you can kill them easily (2 handgun bullet should kill it). You can kill this monster only by shooting the red part on its tail. I suggest you to use Krauser’s weapon (unlock it by use 10 coins on weapon screen). Shoot the explosive drum to make B.O.W struggle on the ground so you can aim its weak spot with your weapon (It’ll struggle for about 3-5 seconds).

Take all the time bonus in this area before you kill this monster because it seems that your score determined by the amount of time left when you have killed the monster. It should take only 2 rocket launchers to kill this monster so don’t miss even once. Lure the monsters to the red drum and then shoot the red drum to stun it. Run toward it and shoot the red part of its tail with your weapons. Defeat it around 1:30 to obtain SS rank.

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