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Posted on Jul 21, 2011

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D SS Rank Guide: Mission 4

Mission 4-1

Area: Village (day time)

Objective: Survive


You’ll meet with Garrador for the 1st time in this mission. He is blind and will respond to the sound of your weapon. Take the time bonus on 2F at the beginning of this mission, so your combo meter won’t be interrupted by useless activity (climbing up the ladder, opening the door, etc) later.

Use grenade (anything that explosive) to stun Garrador and immediately shoot the las plagas on his back before he recovers. Garrador won’t explode upon his death so you don’t need to run away after you have killed him. You can shoot Garrador from the front side if you have magnum weapon.

You need to get about 90.000-above to obtain SS rank. It’s easy to get that amount of score, just keep trying and maintain your combo.

Mission 4-2

Area: Missile area

Objective: Survive


You can find combo bonus on the safety box like in the screenshot above.

There is no boss in this mission, but you’ll find many fat majinis. Watch out your combo meter because the enemies tend to have las plagas parasites in their bodies (your kill won’t be counted unless you kill the plagas that pops upon his/her death). Remember that flash grenade/launcher can kill the plagas instantly. It’s a good idea to use Hunk’s weapon in this stage since there are no strong enemies in this mission.

Tips: Use Krauser/Hunk in this mission. Equip close range ability if you have because the enemy seems very stupid in this area (make sure you kill them in close range though :D). They stand on their spot which makes your combo counter disappear when you are going to their location.

Mission 4-3

Area: Deserted island evening

Objective: Survive


Watch out when you have killed soldier because sometimes he can explode (run away when you see their body growing big). You’ll meet with fat gattling gunner in this area. He doesn’t have any instant kill attack so he is very easy to deal with (4 grenade launcher should kill or nearly kill him; just spam it even when he’s down). You can maintain your combo in this mission easily because there are a lot of enemies those comings to your spot. I suggest you to stay at the 1F and maintain your combo after you have grabbed all the bonuses that available in this mission.

You need to have about 100.000 in your total score to obtain SS rank. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than previous mission.

Mission 4-4

Area: Public assembly

Objective: survive


This mission even easier than previous 2 because your normal enemy is “villager” majini (no knee protection or stun saber :D). BUT watch out for the chain saw on the red pants(from now on will be called OTRP; yeah you will meet with another version later ) because he can kill you in one hit. You should save your grenade that you have obtained from killing villagers on the beginning of this mission. Use grenade if you don’t have any weapon that can stun his movement (ex: grenade launcher, magnum,etc). Don’t try to kill him with handgun unless you’re very good in this game :D.

Mission 4-5

Area: Ship deck

Objective: Survive


You only need to get B rank to unlock mission level 5. This mission has 15 waves, so it’ll ends even though you still have time left on your screen. I suggest you to stay on your spot at the beginning of this stage. The enemy will keep coming to your position (from my experience, if I was wandering too much the enemy will become so stupid so they stand on their position which makes trouble for finding them).

Tips: You can place proximity bomb on the spot shown on the screenshot above because the enemies will always spawn over there as long as you stay around your initial spot.

Waves information:

wave enemy bonus(sec)
1 10 villagers majini 60
2 5 villagers majini, 5 ganados 60
3 5 ganados, 5 soldier 60
4 10 normal enemy (mixed) 60
5 8 villagers, 2 chain saw in red pants 300
6 15 soldier (some carry las plagas inside their body) 60
7 12 villagers, 3 fat majini 60
8 12 ganados, 3 fat majini 60
9 12 mixed ganados and soldier, 3 fat majini 60
10 2 fat majini, 2 machine gunner, 11 soldiers 300
11 1 chainsaw on the red pants, 14 villagers 60
12 2 chainsaw OTRP, 13 soldiers 60
13 2 chainsaw OTRP, 13 ganados  (plagas inside) 60
14 1 chainsaw OTRP, 1 machine gunner, 13 villagers 60
15 1 machine gunner, 2 garrador, 12 soldiers over

My time was around 12:30 when finished this mission. Just keep trying until you can clear the waves to make sure you get SS rank.

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