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Posted on Jul 26, 2011

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D SS Rank Guide: Mission Level Ex

Ex 1

BOSS: Dr. Salvador and Garrador

Dr. = Salvador spawn point
Ga. = Garrador spawn point

You’ll meet 2 bosses in this mission, Garrador and Dr. Salvador. BE EXTRA CAREFUL, in this mission because all cultist ganados are %&^&*. They like to grab you and it will game over when there is Dr. Salvador nearby (instant kill attack). Try to get B rank on your first try so you can get new skill from this stage.

I suggest you to equip Giant killing, full burst, and smart reload in this mission. Giant killing is very important if you want to kill Salvador quickly. You can place proximity bomb at Dr. spot (near the cart) because many enemies will spawn over there.

Ex 2

Boss: Chain saw on the purple pants and Gatling gunner

Chain saw OTPP need to be killed twice, so watch your back after you have killed him for the first time (He’ll explode if he really dies). This mission is one of the easiest mission in this ex level, You can train in this level to improve your skill/survivability in ex mission.

From the start take all time bonuses, items, and herbs from the inside of the cave. Don’t engage soldiers inside the cave because they can surround you easily. Your battleground is giant circle area on the north (1F), you can maneuver freely (place proximity bomb near the cave entrance :D) and climb the ladder if the situation becomes too hot for you to handle.

Ex 3

Boss: Dr. Salvador

You’ll find a lot of fat majini in this mission, watch your back because he may appear on your back suddenly. They’re actually godsend because they tend to left proximity bomb/grenades/herb which can help you to fight Dr. Salvador.

Don’t fight Dr. Salvador in narrow path in 1F, because that will leave a small room to escape to maneuver. Fight him on 2F so you can jump down and run around this area.

Ex 4

Boss: Garrador and red executioner

Good BGM and nice area make this mission one of my favorite ex level. You may encounter 2 Garrador at the same time but it’s no big deal because you should be able to gather a lot of proximity bomb by killing enemies.

Red executioner has more health than normal executioner (I think everything else is same as the normal one). You can shoot red parasites behind his back to deal extra damage (not needed though).

My skill set up for this mission:

  • Rebecca’s weapon: I equip Full burst, giant killing, smart reload
  • Jill’s weapon: I equip Full burst, giant killing, machine gun custom I like this set up 😀 (Jill’s machine gun combined with machine gun custom gives me a lot of critical head shot which is fun to see and pleasant sound for my ears :D)

Ex 5

Boss: executioner and red executioner

The stage has a nice BGM from resident evil 5 mercenaries (assault fire). Take combo bonus that located on 2 F at the beginning of this mission (so it won’t interrupt you later). Start gathering time bonuses after you have done that. Don’t try to take time bonus which located in B1 when there is executioner around because you might be cornered by him (just kill him first and then take the time bonus).

You can stay on anywhere on this mission because the area is small, so you can encounter the enemy easily to maintain your combo meter (but don’t stay on B1 :D).

Ex 6

Boss: Gattling gunner


An easy stage to obtain SS rank. Gather all time bonuses that located in this mission and then just stay on the 1F to wait enemies for a kill :D. Gattling gunner is no threat in this mission, he can be killed easily just by 2 shoots of grenade launcher (maxed giant killing and full burst equipped). Be careful with the soldiers who bring shield. They ‘re probably become Duvalia which can messed up with your combo meter badly (hard to kill unless you have flash grenade/ any explosive weapon).

Ex 7

Boss: Chain saw on the purple pants and Dr. Salvador

This mission has 2 instant kill bosses be careful. Remember that Chain saw on the purple pants must be killed twice, so make sure you can see him when he wakes up and kill him again (be careful of the explosion upon his death). Good spot for maintaining your combo: West side of 1F ( near boss spawn point) just move north/south and kill the enemy. After yo uhave killed all the enemy on south/north, go to the other direction to kill enemies (they’re usually just standing on the spot; Stupid AI). Be careful of Dr. Salvador though.

Ex 8

Boss: Chain saw OTPP and red executioners

It’s hard to maintain your combo in this mission, I don’t find any good spot in this mission so you can maintain your combo easily (Close range ability may help you in this mission if you want to raise your score). Red executioner and chain saw OTPP have a lot of HP which can distract you when dealing with normal enemies. Gladly, I don’t find any las plagas infected enemies in this mission.

There are 3 combo bonuses in this mission, which can help you to raise your score since chaining your combo meter is quite hard to do.

You need to get minimal B rank on all missions above to unlock last ex mission. So, good luck.

Ex 9

You can just stay on the 1F and wait for the enemies coming at you. You don’t need to chain your combo meter to obtain SS rank; as long as you survive all 15 waves (my max combo only 20 and I get SS rank when I clear this mission).

wave enemy bonus(sec)
1 10 villagers majini 60
2 10 soldier 60
3 10 cultist ganados 60
4 5 parasites, 5 villagers 60
5 8 soldiers, 2 chain saw in purple pants 300
6 10 villagers, 5 fat majini 60
7 14 villagers (dynamite), 1 executioner 60
8 1 chain saw OTPP, 14 soldier (some have duvalia plagas !!) 60
9 15 ganados cultist (all of them carry rocket launchers) 60
10 3 garrador, 12 villagers 300
11 2 executioners, 1 red executioner, 12 soldiers 60
12 2 chainsaw OTRP, 2 chain saw OTPP, 11 soldiers 120
13 1 executiner, 1 gattling gunner, 13 cultist ganados (with shield) 120
14 1 gattling gunner, 2 red executioners, 12 villagers 120
15 2 dr. Salvador, 13 soldiers ( some bring shield) over

Most useful ability for this mission:

  • Thunderbolt (maxed): it will kill all the normal enemies in no time
  • Smart reload (maxed): I like instant reload, how about you??
  • Giant killing: You will face many of bosses in this mission this will save your ammo and time
  • Full burst (maxed): You can also use this if you don’t like one of those skills. I change thunderbolt with this because I use Hunk (elbow strike will trigger the electrical storm but I’m just too lazy to aim for the head; I prefer “the end”)

Notable waves:

  • Wave 7: all of the ganados carry dynamite, aim for their hand to kill them easily.
  • Wave 9: all of them carry rocket launchers. Shooting them in any part of their body and it will cause the same effect as leg shoot. This will make Krauser/Hunk can use their instant kill move easily.
  • Wave 12: be careful there are 4 chain saw men who can take your life in one hit. Remember that the purple one can recover once more time after being knocked down.
  • Wave 13: Be careful this may become deadly combination. Executioner can cause instant critical and then gattling gunner can shoot you from afar to kill you easily. Kill gattling gunner first, just spam your strongest weapon at him (took me about 2-4 grenades launchers with giant killing to kill him).
  • Wave 15: Be careful if you don’t want to waste your effort until this time. There are 2 Dr.Salvador. He is strong and brutal. Try to kill all normal enemies first before trying to kill the doctor. Don’t you ever being grabbed by the soldiers when there is Dr. Salvador near your location or….

Good luck you should get SS rank if you have managed to clear all 15 waves and unlock new characters (Uroboros Wesker; he has special attack, just press “right” on the directional button and then press Y for a knee attack).

Thank you for using my guide while playing this game :D.

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  1. Dean says:

    Hey, great guide!
    I made a guide myself too & i was wondering if i could use your pictures of your guide?

    i’ll definitly put your name & site as reference & it would be really cool if i could use them 😉

    anyway take a look yourself & already appreciated for reading.


  2. S.T.A.R.S. says:

    Favorite mission on Ex is 5.Fun co–op Play as HUNK and Jill

  3. Andrew Stephes says:

    WHat does the ss rank stand for what the signinficance of getting it

  4. rockandrollme says:

    when you want to say that the Ganados are annoying, stupid and a pain don’t say gay. You’re just offending, being homophobic and immature. It makes no sense.

    Thanks for the guide but it’s something I must point out, think about it… it’s not cool little dude.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Haha, thanks for the comment bro :D. Sorry for my word usage but it really annoys me, as they stand in their place waiting to be killed. Blame eric cartman for my word usage LOL.Fixed it 😀

      • helpfulguy says:

        for those using maxed thunderbolt, it’s best to play as chris. most of his melees will launch the enemy activating thunderbolt. i used chris with thunderbolt, combat and full burst. i used hunk’s weapon set because it works well with melee. plus flash launcher helps out so much on bosses. hope i helped.

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