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Posted on Jul 24, 2011

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D SS Rank Walkthrough: Mission 5

Mission 5-1

Area: Old castle

Objective: Survive


First of all make sure you have taken all the time bonuses in this mission. Don’t forget to take the combo bonus and keep killing enemies along your path (Don’t focus on killing them though, you only want to kill them when necessary). Now your score should reach about 15000, this will trigger 2 executioners (boss in this mission).

Each of them has different spawn point {shown in the screenshot as (1) and (2)}. He has instant critical attack (make you resuscitate immediately). I suggest you to kill both of them quickly (Use your grenade and then melee them IF YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL grenade or anything that can stun them; melee attack will quicken his recovery rate from stun state which is bad because instant he has instant critical attack). Run away to maintain your distance if you don’t have any kind of weapon that can stun him.

After you have killed both of them, go to position (1) in the map (time bonus in 1F). Now just keep killing Ganados in this spot to keep your combo higher. The enemy will keep coming to you if you don’t kill them too quickly (use melee instead of grenade/explosives). Save your grenade because the executioners will come again after you have killed them for the first time.

Mission 5-2

Area: the mines

Objective: Survive


This area is very small and narrow compared to the other areas. You’ll meet the hardest enemy in this game IMO (Dr. Salvador). He can kill you in one hit like chain saw man, but he doesn’t even need to wait before he chain saw your character, so always stay away from this enemy. Fight him on the northern part of 1F, so you have a lot of space to move around. AVOID fighting him in the narrow path!! This will leave no space for you to run away from him.

Remember that you can also stun him with flash grenade. It also destroys small parasites which can bind you on the spot. Good luck for you who uses Chris’s weapon set because I find that it’s very hard to take him down by using his weapon set (rifle reload after each shot). Best weapon for this mission (I want to say best weapon set for this game) is Rebecca’s. Use her weapon set if you want  to get SS rank easily.

You need about 80.000 score to obtain SS ranks.


Area: Ship deck

Objective: survive


I really hate this area’s layout. You’ll fight soldier type ganados (watch out for plagas that pops from them). You’ll fight Garrador in this mission. Place proximity bomb on the narrow path and let him chase you. My favorite spot is to stay at the middle of 1F (north of “C” spot on my map above).

You might run out of enemies to maintain your combo meter (the area is big, so the enemy tend to become stupid to go to your location), so equip close range to help you when you’re searching those enemies.

Tips: Sometime Garrador can cause instant kill attack at your character, so watch out.

Mission 5-4

Area: Prison

Objective: Survive


This stage has my favorite BGM; I am really confused why CAPCOM doesn’t allow us to change the BGM as we please :(. There is an executioner start from the beginning of this mission (middle of 1F; he jumps to 2F if you’re start on that floor :D). Kill the executioners immediately when you see them before gathering time and combo bonuses.

Watch out for the new type of las plagas (Duvalia; massive steel ball). It’s very hard to do any damage on this type of plagas; you can use flash grenade, grenade launcher normal (aim for the legs), proximity bomb can also works. The last thing you want to do is to shoot its core inside its shell (quite hard to do). Duvalia also has instant critical attack, so watch out.

After you have gathered all the bonuses, you can stay to chain your combo on the northwest of 1F. Don’t kill the enemy too quickly though. You should have a constant supply of enemies coming to you at that location.

You need to gather 90.000 – above to obtain SS rank. It may not easy on the first run in this game, so I suggest you to come back later after you have obtained stronger skill (full burst, lucky &, etc).

Mission 5-5

Area: Deserted island (night)

Objective: Kill the B.O.W


I suggest you to use Krauser’s / Rebecca’s weapon set in this mission.

Strategy for Krauser’s weapon:

This set can kill B.O.W easily (2 shots from rocket launchers), but you may have a little bit difficulty at the beginning of this mission because you need to kill 2 executioners with your bow, but it’s not that hard.  Don’t shoot the red drum because you need those drums to stun the B.O.W.

Start the mission by killing one of the executioners, do this by moving around this area and don’t forget to take all time bonuses (your score will be determined by how much time left when you have killed the B.O.W). After you have killed 2 executioners, continue killing cultist ganados to obtain items (proximity bomb, herb, etc). B.O.W will show up on this mission eventually, now lure it to the red drum location (I suggest you to fight him in location 1/2/3 since you can move behind to shoot its weak point with rocket launchers).

Warning: The executioners will re-appear after you have killed them so watch your back. You don’t want to get smashed by him from behind while fighting the B.O.W.

Strategy for Rebecca’s weapon:

Use your grenade launchers to kill 2 executioners at the beginning of this mission. Gather all the time bonuses in this mission once you have done that. You should be able to find a lot of ammo from killing cultist ganados. When the B.O.W show up, you can shoot it using grenade launchers (it takes about 2-3 grenade launchers to stun this monster; aim for the tail). Once it has been stunned go to the tail and shoot it with your machine gun. It should take about 80-100 bullet of machine gun before you kill B.O.W which can be done easily from stunning this monster 2-3 times.

Solve this mission around 2 minute mark to get SS rank for sure :D. Trust me it’s easy.

Recommended skill: Giant killing, full burst, machine gun custom, etc

Congratulations you just beat this game and unlock mission level EX.

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