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Posted on Jul 19, 2011

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Walkthrough: Characters Weapon and Tips

Killing enemies

Try to use physical attack to finish the enemy. Some characters have incredible finishing move (Ex: Hunk’s the end and executioner), it will instant kill any normal enemy, learn how to do that can save your ammo and add 5 seconds on your time.

Don’t try to finish the enemy with physical attack if you’re using weak physical character (Rebecca, Her physical animation is kind of pain… not mention the damage; I don’t know why someone use her in the first place; damn you capcom add Rebecca instead of Leon).

Using Other’s weapon

You can use other characters weapon by unlock them at weapon screen and spend 10 play coins (the coins which you get from walking and carrying your 3DS). There is a special slot that needed 15 coins.

My favorite is: Hunk with Rebecca’s weapon. Machine gun do wonder to normal enemies, since I only need to shoot their legs and use”the end” on them. Grenade launcher can take care any boss/ stronger enemies in the mission (stun them and then you can either run or melee them).



H head shot
G lying on the ground
LB Shoot the leg and move behind
LF shoot the leg and do this from frontside
AF shoot the arm and do this from frontside
AB shoot the arm and do this from behind
VERY STRONG The attack has high chance to kill enemy in one move (have high critical hit ratio)
STRONG take about 1-2 moves to kill enemy
AVERAGE take about 2-3 moves to kill enemy
WEAK-SUPER WEAK you may not want to use this 😀


Physical attacks:

  • The end (INSTANT KILL; LF): My favorite move in this game :D. Cool animation and instant kill. It seems to prevent Las plagas parasite (CMIIW).
  • Riot kick (AVERAGE; AF): Do this by shoot the opponent’s arm.
  • Neck slicer (STRONG; AB): Shoot opponent’s arm and move behind them to do this attack.
  • Elbow strike (STRONG; H)
  • Executioner (INSTANT KILL; LB): same as “The End”, but you must do this from behind. It’s also have instant kill attribute but seems to take more time than the end; movement animation is very cool :D.
  • Triple tap (STRONG; G)

IMHO on Hunk’s weapon:

  • Handgun (P8): average handgun, but since you can instant kill the enemy, you don’t need to spam your bullet at them :D. Just shoot their legs and the end :D.
  • Machine gun (AK47): face stronger enemies (fat majinis, chain saw, etc).
  • Flash grenade launcher: great for escape when you’re surrounded by a lot of enemies and don’t forget to use this at las plagas parasite for an instant kill.

Jill Valentine

Physical attacks:

  • High kick (AVERAGE; H): It probably makes your opponent lying down on the ground. So you can continue with DKD.
  • Roundhouse kick (AVERAGE; AF)
  • Reverse roundhouse (AVERAGE; AB)
  • Head grab (INSTANT KILL; LB)
  • Rising kick (AVERAGE; LF): It probably makes your opponent lying down on the ground. So you can continue with DKD.
  • Double knee drop (STRONG; G): Works good on laying down enemy.

IMHO on Jill’s weapon:

  • Machine gun (SG 556): Her machine gun seems to have high chance to score a critical hit rate. Use this to fight normal and strong enemies (don’t use this at boss though unless you’re really out of ammo).
  • Knife: Don’t why you want to use this in the first place. Ammo is plenty in this game so better to use another weapon than this one.
  • Shotgun (M3): A decent weapon to blast a lot of normal enemies when they’re near you. You can also use this to fight with bosses; Aim for the head and hold L button so you can shoot while moving backward.

Claire redfield

Physical attacks:

  • One two high (STRONG; H): high chance to knock down the enemy to the ground.
  • Fallhouse (Average; AF)
  • Back hook kick (AVERAGE; AB)
  • Upper combination (average; LF)
  • Neck kick (STRONG; LB): It should kill any normal enemies on mission 1-5, but you can’t rely on this on EX-Mode when combo counter is blinking.
  • Stomp (WEAK; G)

IMHO on Claire’s weapon:

  • Handgun (Matilda): This handgun capable of shooting 3 bullets on the short amount of time, make this handgun becomes one of best handgun available.
  • Grenade launcher (elec): Have weaker power than normal grenade launcher, but it can stun the enemy longer than the normal one (CMIIW). I use this against boss and strong enemies on the stage.
  • Rifle (PSG 1): A sniper with decent fire power, it should be able to kill any normal enemies easily. But I never get a chance to use it in EX-mode, because sniping stance takes quite time and you can be surrounded easily by the enemies. Make sure to find safe spot before you begin to snipe the enemies.

Jack Krauser

Physical attacks:

  • Stinger (INSTANT KILL; LF): This attack makes Krauser become strongest character in this game. It has instant kill chance like Hunk’s “the end”, but it’s more powerful than “the end” because it seems to always score a critical hit (You can recover your health every time you do this, if you equip medic lvl 3 ability) and have shorter amount of animation time. Shoot opponent’s leg to trigger this attack.
  • Throat slit (INSTANT KILL; LB)
  • Up-Slice (average; AF)
  • Tackle (STRONG; AB)
  • Knife stab (STRONG; G)
  • Roundhouse (STRONG;H)

IMHO on Krauser’s weapon:

  • Bow: Infinite ammo packed with decent power. The drawbacks of this weapon are firing speed and arrow’s travel time. Unless you can use bow as good as Rambo IV, I suggest you to avoid Krauser’s weapon set (except for B.O.W stage :D; 3-55 and 5-5)
  • Knife: Use this to annoy your friend in multiplayer game. You can also use this to reset your mission by running to Dr. Salvador and try to stab him (Select “no” if you want to change the mission :D).
  • Rocket Launcher: nuff said. Can kill anything easily in one hit. Be careful of the impact from the explosion!!

Rebecca Chambers

Physical attacks:

  • Jump punch (WEAK; LF)
  • Kick (VERY WEAK; G): It’s very rare to see the enemy got killed by this attack unless it’s critical or the enemy is already on very low health.
  • Tear gas (VERY WEAK; AF): She brings unlimited tear gas instead of First aid spray….wtf ?!%$ don’t know what she expects… Shoot opponent’s arm to use this attack.
  • Rump shaker (WEAK; AB)
  • Push out (WEAK; H): LOL another funny attack, yeah she push the enemy out :D. I am more eager to see her to do push up than push out.
  • Head Cracker (VERY STRONG;LB): Finally, this is the attack that saves her from being the worst character in this game. It has critical hit ratio, so it probably blows enemy’s head.

IMHO on Rebecca’s weapon:

  • Machine gun (MP5): It’s very good to fight normal to medium enemies. It has great ammo capacity (60) and you won’t reload too often if you kill enemy with physical attack. Ex.: Hunk; Shoot enemy legs take about 2 bullets, use “the end”
  • Grenade launcher: This weapon is very good!! Use this against boss and a group of enemies. Don’t forget to follow up your shoot with physical attack (if the boss is stunned)
  • Rebecca’s weapon set always gives you 5 herbs at the beginning of mission :D.

Barry Burton

Physical attacks:

  • Burton boot (WEAK; LF): This attack is very weak, the main purpose of this attack is to knock the enemy to the ground so you can continue with
  • Miranda Rights (INSTANT KILL; G)
  • Gun bash (VERY STRONG; LB)
  • Barry Sandwich (AVERAGE; AF)
  • Knee (WEAK; AB): A par with Rebecca’s kick. See Kick description in Rebecca section.
  • Headbutt (VERY STRONG; H)

IMHO on Barry’s weapon:

  • Handgun (Samurai edge): Don’t know what’s good about this handgun. It’s pretty bad IMO, only has 9 ammo capacities which makes you reload very often. Wesker also use this thing.
  • Magnum (M500): It can help you to kill any boss in the mission, but make sure you save it because the ammo is very rare.
  • Rifle (Dragunov): Semi automatic rifle, you can keep firing until you run out of ammo (only 4). Great fire power, use this to kill boss or strong enemies.

Albert Wesker

Physical attacks:

  • Windfall (STRONG; G): Lying enemy
  • Cobra Strike (VERY STRONG; H): It probably kills your enemy in one punch but don’t rely on it when your combo counter is blinking because it may not kill them.
  • Panther fang (STRONG; AF)
  • Jaguar Kick (STRONG; AB)
  • Tiger uppercut (STRONG; LF)
  • Mustang kick (VERY STRONG; LB)

IMHO on Wesker’s weapon:

  • Handgun (Samurai edge)
  • Magnum (L.Hawk): It can pierce strongest armor; You can even shoot Garrador from the frontside of his body. It also penetrates armored soldier plagas, but please don’t use this on them because it’ll waste precious ammo.
  • Shotgun (Hydra): Definitely best shotgun!!! But it only has 3 ammo capacities which will make you reload this weapon like crazy, not to forget that this weapon has a long reload time.

Chris Redfield

Physical attacks:

  • Uppercut (AVERAGE; LF): It probably knocks down the enemy, so continue it with “STOMP” (It should kill enemies).
  • Stomp (AVERAGE; G)
  • Neck Breaker (INSTANT KILL; LB)
  • Straight (STRONG; H)
  • Hook (AVERAGE; AF)
  • Kick (AVERAGE; AB)

IMHO on Chris’s weapon:

  • Handgun (M92F): Normal handgun, can’t rely on this thing too much. It has great capacity fro a handgun (20).
  • Shotgun (M37): Standard shotgun good for minor boss and normal enemy
  • Rifle (S75): Very strong rifle but you must ^%&% the gun each time you shot. Remember to move while doing this.

Secret Weapon Review

There is one secret weapon available in this game that can be unlocked by using your play coins (15 coins). The weapon set consist:

  • Red 9: A strong hand gun with very little ammo … (3; if you don’t have any power up).You really can’t rely on this weapon because it need constant reloading (3 ammo OMG), yeah sure, it’s strong but it’s not stronger than normal shotgun.
  • 2 way grenade launcher: sounds cool, it has the same capacity as the normal grenade launcher and it still costs 1 ammo on each shot. This is a good weapon if you can find a constant ammo for this weapon which is quite hard, since red 9 is not good secondary weapon (IMO).

I suggest you to stay away from this weapon set.

My fav Character:

  1. Hunk
  2. Krauser
  3. Jill

My fav weapon set:

  1. Rebecca
  2. Hunk
  3. Wesker

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12 Responses to “Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Walkthrough: Characters Weapon and Tips”

  1. Alby says:

    forgot to add that you should add wesker’s special attack i.e knee cannon and dash

  2. Alby says:

    i noticed that you didn’t mentioned the finisher moves of every character,if u do it,this would be even more interesting and i will tell my friends to use/see this amazing guide
    all the finishers are cool!!!

  3. Nightwolf says:

    All im going to say is that I select Rebecca as my character,then use Claire’s weapon set.(I ONLY use the rifle)If you play with me,I am always the supporting character. 😛

  4. Icarus says:

    Love your guides, they were a great help when I started playing this game.

    But just wanted to add a little bit for ya about using the characters. Once you start getting all your skills maxed out, using the right combination of skills with the right characters can yield godly results.

    For example with low skills Rebecca is not so great, but with the right skills she is one of the best characters. With Rebecca I use Machine Gun Custom (MG Ability, Explosive Blast radius), Machine Gun Technique (MG Handling, Stronger Melee), and for the 3rd slot I alternate between Bomber (Explosive Handling, Reduced Damage) or Combat (More Melee Damage, Faster Reload) depending on the Map I’m going to play (some maps the regular guys have more HP so the extra melee damage helps).

    The strategy that I do with her is I use her MG to pump a few bullets into a regular enemy’s legs (about 4-5 bullets, more or less depending on what you’re fighting). They will always fall to the ground (make sure you don’t shoot them after they have completely fallen as it will lock you out from being able to perform a melee on them, but you can still shoot as they fall). Then just run over to them and perform the Kick (VERY WEAK; G) and with all the extra damage from skills going into MG damage and Melee damage, they will die from the kick. And Rebecca’s Kick animation is so quick, it’s a massive time saver and you will just plow through enemies.

    Every Character has this sort of potential if you optimize them well and I would have to say in the end my least favorite character to use was Hunk (was favorite at the start) because his instant kill was very very slow (slowest out of all the characters) resulting in more downtime and a lower score than I could get with other characters. But he’s definitely a good character for starting out.

    Thanks again for the guides! I hope this insight will help you expand your guides as well (maybe add suggested skills to use with each character and the corresponding strategy?)

    • Icarus says:

      Oh and wanted to add another useful thing for you guide if you get the time to research is how long each melee attack takes to perform in addition to the damage it does.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hunk is very good when you equip him with reversal and revenge. All of his physicals will become side kick. It takes very little time to execute and most likely kill enemies in one move (if you equip revenge). Thanks for using my guide :D.

      • Icarus says:

        Thanks for the advice, it worked out significantly better than I thought it would! Will take some practice but I definitely like playing as Hunk again.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you’re welcome, try to use his weapon set too in mission where there are no mask soldier, use flash grenade and then see how deadly he can be 😀

        • Icarus says:

          yep, was doing that when I ran into like a group of 4 or 5 guys, his flash grenade rounds just let me plow through them with a quick 20-25second bonus.

  5. felix says:

    can you review the secret weapon set with the red 8 in it?[go in the weapons menu and click on the box in the third lane and buy it for 15 3ds points you earn by walking]

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