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Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Walkthrough: Skills Description and Requirement


How to use:
1-3 (B) means that you need to clear mission 1-3 with B score as your minimum score to obtain the skill.

Icon Skill unlocked by effect
  Medic 1-3 (B) recovery up
recover on critical hit
  toughness phoenix medal (recover from dying for 50 times) reduce damage
increase combo timer when defeat the enemy
  luck 5 medals increase resistance against instant kill
partner receive same effects
  handgun technique 4-1 (B) Improve handgun handling
improve critical hit rate
  Handgun custom ex-1 (B) improve handgun ability
increase all weapon attack power
  shotgun techniques 5-1 (S) Improve shotgun handling
reduced damage
  Shotgun custom ex-5 (B) imrpove shotgun ability
faster recovery
  Machine gun technique 4-3 (B) improve machine gun handling
strengthen melee attacks
  Machine gun custom ex-2 (B) Improve machine gun ability
blast of radius explosives
  rifle technique 5-1 (B) improve rifle handling
strengthen melee attacks
  magnum technique 5-2 (S) improve magnum handling
improve resistance to instant kill
  Bomber 5-2 (B) improve explosives handling
reduced damage
  Combat 4-2 (S) improve melee attacks
faster reload for all weapons
  smart reload ex-4 (B) improve reload speed for all weapon
reload in various stituations
  Technician 5-3 (S) improve handling for all weapons
improve handling for all weapons
  Full Burst Ex-6(B) strengthen all weapons
partner receive same effects
  Weapon Master Ex-8 (B) improve skill for all weapons (slow your recovery)
improve resistance agains instant kill
  Reversal 5-4 (S) gain more powerful melee attacks when vitality is low
increase all weapon ammo capacity
  Revenge 4-2(B) critical hit increase when on low vitality
reload instantly
  Giant killing 4-5(S) increase damage against powerful enemies
faster reload speed
  Adrenaline 5-4(B) combo timer last longer when damage is sustained
short power boost after taunt
  Extension 4-1(S) combo timer last longer when time remaining is low
auto recover vitality when time is low
  Lucky 7 5-3(B) defeat an enemy with”7″ is in the clock for time bonus (+3 sec at max level)
increase firing rate for all weapons
  Close Range 4-3 (S) combo timer lasts longer (+3 sec) when an enemy defeated at close range
power boost after taunt for a short time
  Old school ex-3(B) temporary invinsibility when picking up an item
reload in various situations
  Landing 4-4(B) Take down opponent easier when landing
increase ammo capacity
  Maximizer 5-2(B) skill will improve faster
improve skill for all weapons
Friendship duo mode 50 x ??
  Thunderbolt ex-7(B) melee attacks gain electric shock properties
release electrical storm
  Infinity 7 30 medals unlimited use of rocket launcher, o score
immune to all attacks except instant kill

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  1. JillsValentine says:

    Friendship’s abilities are:
    -Vitality recovers automatically when partner is nearby
    -Increase power for all weapons (8%)

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