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RPG Grinsia Guide Shrine of Mave to Forest Confusion (1st treasure)

Dea town porterYou arrive at Dea town, head southeast and check the glowing circle to activate the porter. Get out from the town by going south.

World Map

Now head east and enter the building that you see.

Ancient Ruins

Treasure: Magic Map

Take the magic map on the treasure chest. Go up and talk to the guard, he won’t let you in. Talk to the old man nearby and he’ll tell you about his Warrant Passage. Activate The Porter on this room and head back to the town.

Dea Town

Go to the inn and then talk to the maid on the upper right. She’ll give you Warrant Passsage. Now go back to the

Note: You can save your game by enter the menu and then tap the book with quill icon on the upper right of the screen.

Ancient Ruins

You can pass the guard now :D. Ignore the locked door for now, head east first. Follow the path and take Fairy Powder from the treasure. Continue west and you’ll be back at the 1st area (upper part). Open treasure to obtain Potion. Go to the west to obtain Restorative potion. Go west to the next area to take Cure Physical.

Go back to central area (upper part) and head north. Take Sleep Save on the right (the door can’t be opened now), so just head north to the next area. Event, I Chose “yes” to see another event again. Go to the hole.

Go up to see an event with MAVE. Back to previous room and head south to the upstairs (take Cure plums from treasure chest). Take Shield Bangle on the upper right, check the yellow panel on the floor to unlock the door. Get out from this ruin.

World Map

You can go back to Dea Town first, or just go south to

Shrine of Mave

Go north and fight the soldiers.

Battle: Imperial Soldier x3 (HP: 80)

Use your spells on this battle (smash, blaze, etc). They will go down in no time. Their attack will deal about 10-20 damage to your character.

Talk to Shrine Maiden to obtain Amulet of Guidance. Activate the porter and then get out from this shrine.

Wold Map

Head west pass the bridge, you’ll see a forest. Enter the forest

Forest of Confusion

Treasures: Restorative potion, Soothing Herbs, Poison Save, Quick Bangle, Old Glass Battle, Cure Physical

Head north to the west to obtain Restorative Potion. Continue north to the west, follow the path to the southeast to obtain Soothing Herbs. Head northwest to take another chest (Poison Save). Backtrack to where you obtained S. Herbs, you should notice yellow block (treasure) on your mini map, you can obtain it by tapping in the middle of the wood (so you can go inside) until you get the treasure chest (Old glass bottle).  Take Quick Bangle on the west. Go south a little and follow the path to northwest. Take Cure Physical and activate the porter.

Boss: Asty (HP: 320) and 2 X Familiar (HP: 200)

Asty’s skills:
Sleep Mist: cause your party to sleep.
Lightning: 30 damage to one row
Blaze: 30 fire damage to single target

You can steal Spirit Crystal from her. Use Your MC and Grieg to attack her while Milka cast blaze to attack familiar. You can also steal Fairy Powder from Familiar.

Elysha join your party. End of this chapter.

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  1. Cinzia says:

    I’m currently stucked in the currents of the Pyramid, no way in cos keeps you away…can anyone tell me what to do? thanks!

  2. Keshie says:

    This doesnt make sense because when i attack asty and the familiar they just attack me first and kills me 9999 this wasnt useful can somebody make a video or steps to defeat Asty im really mad

  3. Safety online says:

    Kemco has an anti-piracy code which isn’t included with versions obtained via installous. Without the code you will get the deliberate invincible boss bug. The only way around this is to purchase the game legitimately.

  4. Kevin says:

    seriously, Ive been breaking my head with this, and know i know that is a bug XD

  5. Silver says:

    I got this game, asty and her stupid familiars do 9999 damage and you said something about an anti piracy code. I got it on installous. Is that the reason?

  6. hana says:

    It’s kemco’s anti piracy code

  7. Furandre says:

    Why is she dealing 9999 damage?

  8. Mike says:

    Me too. I came here to figure out what to do? Is that supposed to happen?

  9. ortr says:

    When I fight Asty, she deals 9999 damage for some reason. Does anyone know why?

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