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RPG Grinsia Walkthrough Cave of No Name to Imperial Fort

Go back to Dea Town and then head north, talk to the man to enter the port (morning). Continue and talk to the sailor at the bay. He’ll remind you to activate the porter which I believe that you have done it before.

Port of Nex

Talk to the sailor nearby and he’ll tell you that you need a help from pirate to be able to go to Prose. There is a mini game “target range” on the northwest of the town. You can obtain nice prize by obtaining 100 point on the mini game (it’s easy; you can obtain the ticket by shopping at the item shop). There is also a potion located northwest of target range mini game. Buy new equipment on the southeast of the town.

Head to the inn and stay until night time. Go inside the house on the southeast of this town (beside weapon shop). Talk to the fisherman and he’ll tell you about Nelson. Now head northwest to the house beside the target range. Talk to the Nelson and he’ll tell you about “Cave of No Name”. You’re done here

World Map

Head west and read the signboard. Your destination is

Cave of No Name

[0] Treasure: Power oil, Paralyze save, Transfer Stone, Fairy Powder, and Lucky bangle

Head west and take power oil at the end of the path. Backtrack and head north passing the bridge to obtain Paralysis Save.  Head north until you find Transfer stone. At the branching path (3 paths: north, south and east) keep going south and take Fairy powder. Backtrack and head east to get Panic Ax.

Take the north path now at the branching path. Follow the path and take Lucky bangle. Continue until you find a dead end. If you have talked to Nelson, check the wall to open the way to

Pirate’s Hideout

Battle 3 pirates, they have a lot of Hp but easy just like a normal enemy. You can steal High potion from them. Event and you’ll get  Pirate’s Key. You can unlock the door with white lock now. Unlock the door on the northeast to obtain High Potion. Activate Porter and then go back to Port of Nex. You can unlock white door on this town to obtain Old Glass Bottle.   Now go to

World Map

Go west and enter the fortress

Imperial Fort

[0] Treasure: Fairy Powder, Safety Boots, Blood Save, and Restorative Potion

Unlock the door and go to central area. Head northeast to grab Fairy Powder. Continue and take Safety Boots near the spike. Now backtrack to the middle path (you can use transitional area on the northeast since it leads to southeast part of central area). Head northwest and follow the path to purple spot on mini map (take Restorative Potion nearby). Touch the blue button to turn it off.

Now go southwest to the next area. Open locked door on the north to obtain Blood Save.  Now go back to central area and head north to the next area. Activate the porter and continue forward.

BOSS: Prison Guard and Imperial Guard x2

Defeat both of Imperial Guard (HP:250) first since they have less HP than Prison Guard (Hp: 500). You can steal Quick Oil from Imperial Guard (not worthy) and Crystal of Life from prison guard. Use defend on the next turn after you’re being targeted (targeted character and another character behind him/her) since it will attack on straight line. Prison guard is also weak to all elements except fire, so use your icicle spell to deal high damage.

Go north to the next area. Unlock the first door and talk to the man inside, he’ll tell you about Lemming’s Island. You can’t open gold lock at this moment, so just ignore it and go right. There will be an event about Dingo. Agree to have him join your party.

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