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Posted on Jul 1, 2011

Solatorobo Guide Prologue Initial Emergence

Watch the opening movie. Go right until you see boxes that block your path. See the tutorial about “grab an object”; press ”A” button and then throw the box anywhere you want. Go inside the door. Open the menu by press X button, go left to the next area.

You’ll meet your first enemies in this area, simply grab them by press “A” and then tap “A” button until you toss the enemy. Move left to the next area and you’ll enter a mini boss battle. Press A to catch the rocket and then A again to throw the rocket back to the plane. You’ll get 15 exp from this battle, continue left.

Get off from your robot by pressing the Y button. Check the panel to activate the platform, go to the upper room in this area (dog form). Take 300 rings at the edge of this room. Get out and ride your robo, continue left to the next area (You can’t fall from the platform so don’t worry).

Go down by using the elevator and continue east to the next room. Defeat 3 enemies in this room and you’ll learn that there is another intruder beside you. Continue east, get off from your robo and go downstairs. Stun your enemy by using your stunt gun (A button) and then go to the room above. Activate the switch to extend the bridge, backtrack and ride your robot so you can across to the next room.

Lift the box on the bottom right of this room and then throw it to the red light to open the door. Continue to the next room, throw giant box near the door to obtain 200 rings. Continue east to your 1st save point. Go east and place your robot on the red switch before you get off from the robo. Take the medallion and see an event.

Go west and fight 3 black enemies, continue after you have defeated them.

Asmodeus Cabin

Choose “next destination” and then “Airedale” to progress into the next chapter.

Main Menu


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  1. x says:

    how to upgrade flash chart ?

  2. DisChord says:

    whenever I end up at the medallion my game just comes up with nothing found. I’m not sure what keeps happening

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