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Soul Sacrifice Complete Guide Fading Humanity

NR= Normal Reward
LR= Legendary Reward

Fading Humanity

Chapter 1 (Candle Spider)

[NR] Battleaxe Edge
[NR] Bouldershield Fragment
[LR] Ferrous Timesand

Tips on legendary:
[0] Bring frost elemental weapon to get +40 vulnerability achieved.

Just bring your throw weapon and spam them to kill all enemies here safely.

Chapter 2 (Cerberus)

[NR] Iron Pinwheel (M)
[NR] Thunderstone Lid (L)
[LR] Bolt Axe Fragment

Tips on legendary:

[0] Bring one volt element offering since there is ice element orcs on the beginning of the stage (+40; vulnerability achieved)
[0] Make sure you killed 4 enemies on the beginning before you face cerberus, because they can mess with you later if you don’t kill them

Offerings suggestion:

Stone element offerings since Cerberus is weak against stone. You MUST BRING Bouldershield fragment (can be obtained easily on previous chapter) on this battle because it’s very useful against Cerberus’ charging attack. Other recommendations are Grave Clod (S)/Stonedrake Egg, Stone Arrow / Iron Pinwheel (M size).

Soul Sacrifice Fading Humanity Cerberus Stunned

Stonedrake Egg and Grave Clod are useful when Cerberus is on stunned condition.

Cerberus Battle

Soul Sacrifice Fading Humanity Cerberus Block

Always use Bouldershield Fragment when you see it s right front leg scratch the ground, it’s sign for Cerberus charge attack.

At the beginning of the battle, use Bouldershield Fragment and then wait until it charge towards you. It will be stunned since you use Bouldershield Fragment. Now run towards its head and use Grave Clod (S). You should be able to use 3-4 times Graveclod/Stonedrake Egg on its head; these attacks should destroy one of its head. After that you only need to repeat this pattern until you have destroyed all of its head. However it’s not safe to use Graveclod on the 2nd time because the stunned time is very short compared to the 1st stunned time (this is where Iron Pinwheel /Stone Arrow/Stonedrake Egg become useful. Remember to aim for the cursed part).

Note: This is why you need to kill all normal monsters at the beginning since you can’t afford them to disturb you at the first moment when you attack Cerberus head.

Be careful when Cerberus pulled the spear from his chest, Keep dodging around avoid the red lightning, it can deals a lot of damage and ruins your reward (you won’t even get light injuries reward if got hit by the red lightning). If you see it charges blue lightning on its mouth, run away from him (don’t face its mouth), the blue lightning have large Area of effect and can make you paralyze.

SS Cerberus Blue Lightning

Blue lightning has large are of effect but very easy to avoid.

This battle will last only about 2 minutes if you have done all things right like suggested above which makes this chapter an ideal place to farm Iron Pinwheel (M) to create “L” version of Stone Arrow or Iron Pinwheel (L). You need 16 “M” version to create “L” version.

Chapter 3 (Lllecebra)

[NR] Iron Pinwheel (M)
[NR] Timesand
[LR] Chest of Fortune (S)

[0] Bring Frost element since there is blazy Goblin (+40 Vulnerability)
[0] Your best bet to get legendary is to get Unscathed and Godspeed quest. This will guarantee you to obtain Legendary. Remember to use Mind’s Eye 😀

SS fight Illcebra safe distance

You’ll be safe as long as you maintain the distance between you and her. This is the safest distance between you and her, her attack won’t able to reach you in this way.

Equip your witch with throwing weapon. On the beginning of the battle run as far as possible from Lllecebra, there is a dead tree, in the middle of the arena, just circling around on that tree while use your throwing weapon on her. This is my typical strategy against human sorcerer and can kill them very easy and fast.

Chapter 4 (Cerberus)

[NR] Thunder Bulb (S)
[NR] Barrier Chain
[LR] Stormgiant King’s Arm

[0] Same as Chapter 2

At this time you need to kill Cerberus, it still has same attack patterns however you need to kill it now which means the battle will last longer. There is a dying sorcerer on this area (Ormani), if you want to save her then I suggest you to wait until you have defeated Cerberus because she is not helping at all (keep dying and dying). Kill Automaton (Bird enemies) on the beginning of the battle so they don’t disturb your battle later (they won’t disturb you at the beginning because they’re going to Ormani’s place).

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