Posted on Feb 12, 2015

Soul Seeker Complete Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Soul Seeker Complete Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Soul Seeker Complete Guide Featured

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Newbie Guide

  • Choose any hero you want in the beginning, do not be afraid since you can get the others later.
  • The game is very easy at the beginning, you’re probably hit the wall on the chapter 4 or 5 on normal difficulty. At this time take some time to level up your hero.
  • Make sure you have at least one healer on your party on your “newest” stage. The best formation on this game IMO is 2 healer, 2 all rounder, 1 attacker. I prefer to make the attacker my leader, but it’s all about your preferences. 2 Healers will keep your leader safe on the normal mission (you can still do healing when the other healer is on the cooling down process).
  • Try to equip your supporter with +basic status attribute (HP, attack, defense), because attributes like Attack speed, dodge, etc don’t get transferred to the leader.
  • If you find the mission is too hard, SWITCH to manual control!! (it’s really important especially on the mission where there are many range characters, dodge the projectiles!)
  • Try to have balanced party! There is no use if your leader 6 star heroes but all the supporters are still 1 or 2 stars. Your party will be beaten by 5 star leaders with 4 or 3 star supporters.

Feel free to ask any questions on the comment section. If you have any suggestions for additional sections feel free to suggest it to me (through the comment too).

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  1. Desocration says:

    i have read and re-read the how to guides from the in-game manual and it seems to me to be able to start acquiring awakening mats for my hero i need to be in hard mode ? also if i have lots of repeat tickets.. should i just leave it on the last boss i beat and repeat while i sleep lol ? just to level ?

  2. TNT says:

    How do I increase my odds of getting good draws.

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