Posted on Feb 12, 2015

Soul Seeker Guide Hero Upgrading Tips

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Upgrading a hero is very important because a fully upgraded hero (+7) has about 20% more status than un-upgraded hero. You also need 2 of them to create higher tier heroes.

The higher hero’s tier the higher the upgrade cost per slot will be.

Hero Price per slot
1 1500
2 3000
3 6000
4 9000
5 ??
6 ??

XP amount

+7 Hero will double the exp but I really against it since you have spent many gold and heroes to upgrade them. Example: “+7” 1 star hero will give your 26 XP.

Hero XP Given
1 13
2 25
3 50
4 75
5 ??
6 ??

Upgrading summary

==1 Soul Seeker Star hero==

Hero used for upgrade Hero Total Cost
1 star 7 10500

Don’t upgrade these heroes!!! Use them as a material, but make sure you train FIRST TIME hero to level30, in order to get 20 gem rewards. After that you don’t need to train it to level 30 because level doesn’t affect the XP on the upgrading process.

==2 Soul Seeker Star hero==

Hero used for upgrade Hero Total Cost
1 star 14 42000
2 star 7 21000

You can upgrade these heroes to +7 and combine them to get 3 star heroes, BUT I advise you only to do this at the beginning of the game. Once you have two or three of 4 star heroes, don’t upgrade 2 star heroes anymore. Use them to upgrade your 4 star heroes.

==3 Soul Seeker Star hero==

Hero used for upgrade Hero Total Cost
1 star 27 162000
2 star 14 84000
3 star 7 42000

Only upgrade these heroes with one star hero!!! Save your 2 star heroes for upgrading 4 star heroes later. You may want to use this hero as a material for 5 star heroes, but since it will take a long time before you get one, make sure you upgrade these heroes religiously (keep the same one for upgrading). If you need space on your hero slots, then use it only for upgrading 4 star heroes!!!

==4 Soul Seeker Star heroes==

Hero used for upgrade Hero Total Cost
1 star 68 612000
2 star 35 315000
3 star 18 162000

From my experience the chance of obtaining this hero from premium hero draw pack is about 10%. Try not upgrading this heroes using 1 star hero, because the cost is insane (9000/slot). Use your 2 star heroes to upgrade this one. Don’t use 3 star hero unless you have too many of them!!!

==5 and 6 Soul Seeker Star heroes==

I don’t have the 5 star heroes at this moment, so the guide will be updated later. However, I suggest you to start using your 3 star heroes as the upgrade material, as I believe the cost will be very high (judging from the 4 star heroes cost).

If you have info/tips or question, feel free to ask on the comment.

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  1. Dannielle Obenchain says:

    Did you figure out how many heroes to upgrade a 5 and 6 star hero yet?

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