Posted on Feb 12, 2015

Soul Seeker Guide Obtaining Hero Tips

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First of all, a hero is random!!

You can’t get specific hero by combining 2 specific heroes, so stop asking what combination to get “X” hero.

There are many ways to get the hero

From the stage drop. You can get specific hero from the stage drop. Remember the rarer the hero the harder it to be obtained. At the end of the stage you choose one from 3 cards, however as it’s a random process (you can’t see the shuffle or anything) simply trust your guts when you choose it.

By buying the Premium Hero draw (the initial cost is 75 gems), the price will decrease 15% after you purchase initial Premium Hero draw (become 64 gems per draw).

TIPS: Gather as much gems as you can!!! Don’t buy the pack every time you reach 75 gems!!!! It’s stupid because you won’t take the advantage of decreased price.

My suggestion is to gather as much gems as possible and then spend it when your hero slot is empty. Use unused heroes (upgrade material, combine, etc). You don’t want to keep useless hero because upgrading hero slot is very expensive (75 gems for 5 slots).

Buying premium packs will give you 3-6 stars heroes, HOWEVER, please be realistic because you’re probably only going to get 3 star heroes from the pack (From my experience the 4 star heroes chance is about 10%, but for 5 and 6 stars ……)

From the Normal Hero Draw, you can buy it for 15,000 Gold. It’s very cheap and a good source to gather upgrade “material”. There is also a lucky box, however it’s not always give you a hero (key, gold, item, etc).

Below are my advices where to get heroes

==Best Source for 1 Soul Seeker Star heroes==

Normal Hero Draw and Stage Drop. You can get them easily from the normal hero draw. They’re simply a material for upgrading a hero (Level up it first to lvl 30 to get the 20 gems reward; it only applies to the first hero). DON’T BOTHER TO COMBINE THEM in order to get 2 star heroes, because upgrading them to +7 is stupid IMO and (continued below…).

==Best Source for 2 Soul Seeker Star heroes==

Normal Hero Draw and Stage Drop. They’re rare but the chance of obtaining them is quite good. I believe you will buy a lot of normal hero draw a lot on this game (to get “material” hero), on the process you will get many 2 star heroes too.


==Best Source for 3 Soul Seeker Star heroes==

Premium Hero Draw

You can get these heroes from stage drop and normal hero draws too, but it’s extremely rare (Probably below 1% for the stage drop ratio). However, since you will buy a lot of premium hero draws, you will complete your 3 star heroes library quickly.

==4-6 Soul Seeker Star heroes==

Grinding and Premium draw pack

This is where the grinding on this game come, you will need a lot of patience to complete the collection.

Thank you, I hope this guide helps you while playing the game.

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2 Responses to “Soul Seeker Guide Obtaining Hero Tips”

  1. Phillipp Kun says:

    Nice guide as always! What about the *best place* to grind? Like for Hello Hero = Keronic base 1 and such.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi :), Leveling guide should coming up soon, however I find that this game is slightly different than hello hero, so I advise you not to power train all of your hero at the same time. More will be covered.

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