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Posted on Mar 30, 2012

Tales of Graces F Adulthood Arc Orlen Woods to Lhant

Defeat the enemy quickly (press O button to see new B.Artes). See conversation between Asbel and Malik.

Orlen Woods

The battle’s music is changed now :D.

Tips: I suggest you to switch the battle difficulty to moderate/hard so the enemies’ HP are higher and you can get a feel for the battle system (Your SP gain after the battle is greater than lower difficulty too, so you can master your title more quickly this way)

Your goal is destroyed village on the north (near save point). Check field of flower at Discovery point to obtain Morino Flowers. Head to the save point and continue to destroyed village (the upcoming battle is a little bit hard if you’re new to tales series; you may want to lower the difficulty).

Go to the left part of the village and check the area near the wood chunk. You’ll hear a suspicious sound, now go right and check the wolf near captain Malik’s position. Go left again and check the wolf over there. You’ll enter the battle against the wolf. Just keep attacking until you can use lightning strike, after that you can kill it. Event The mission is complete; now get out from the woods. You can get out morei quickly by pushing the boulder at point (1).

 North Barona Road

[0] Normal Items: Pork, Pasta, Apple Gel, 360 Gald
[0] Sparkling Spot: Magic Carta No. 2 (random), Apple

Go south to Barona. Enter the cottage and take Pie Sheet from the treasure chest.


Important Things:
[0] Ice Pops: Check the cart of the icepops to discover it.
[0] Headmaster’s Bust: check the statue in front of knight academy
[0] Magic Carta No.30: Go to Valkine Cryas Square and open the treasure chest that hidden behind the wall (see the picture for more info)

Go to Lower City and head to the west part of this town. Check the plant besides the old man to obtain Night Lily Seed. Continue northeast to the bar (take Moji-Kun Plushie before you enter the bar). Once the event has finished, check the sparkling spot on the bottom-right of this bar to obtain Royal Knight Documents.

Go to Knight’s academy and see an event. You’ll get “Letter from Mom“. You need a password to open the treasure chest on this room (PASSWORD: Leave comment if you know please), you can also take Ice pops from the chest that located on the upper right on this room. Now go to Barona Port (west of the lower city). Talk to the Sailor and pay 200 gald.

East Lhant Highroad

Treasure: Feather, Bread (inside the cottage), Decaying Fang, 540 Gald, Iron Scabbard

This area is still same as before, the important item on this area is Iron Scabbard which located on the treasure near the spot where you obtained Cryas Shard before. Continue until you reach


Important things:
[0] Lord Windergarde (discovery): Check the windmill on this town.
[0] Magic Carta No. 29: Climb the windmill and then take it from the treasure chest
[0] Noko Plushie Treasure chest that located in front of the house that located right of the windmill

Go to the manor and enter Lord Aston’s room. Check the treasure chest on the bottom left of this room and enter “aston” as a password to obtain all divide.   Check the middle cabinet to obtain “Best Princess Story” . Buy Iron Sword for Asbel and then head to North Lhant Road.

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  1. Heather says:

    Password for knight academy chest is “treasure”
    Contains an elixir inside

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