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Posted on Mar 31, 2012

Tales of Graces F FAQ Seaside Cavern to Barona

North Lhant Road

Treasures: Pretty Ribbon, 1000 Gald, and Life Bottle (can't be obtained on this time)

Go northwest until you see an event (ignore Lhant Hill at this moment). You’ll see army of Fendel, Run away from them (if you’re getting caught in a fight, escape by keep running to the outside of the battlefield barrier). Go to Lhant Hill and the robot will stop chasing you. Take all of the treasures and check the fountain to recover your character, go to where you first met with Sophie. Event

Battle: Helmcrusher

Tips: Use Shockwave Slash since it has Impact attribute

This battle really easy, don’t use guard too often because it can grabs and then throws you. Evade his attacks by back stepping and don’t run too far from it because it’ll shoot a cannon whihc can cause a lot of damage. You won’t get any trouble on lower difficulty since you have 2 healer and this robot is very slow.

You’ll get Sopheria Seeds from this battle. Check the Friendship tree to get a new discovery. You can also go down to the cliff to obtain all treasures below (Eleth Bottle C, Panacea Bottle, Pretty Anklet, and Poison Charm)

Go back to Lhant. Go to Manor and check the plant left of the manor’s entrance to obtain Assorted Flowers. Go to your Dad’s room, before going out form this town head to equipment shop. Buy iron gauntlets for Sophie and poison charms for all of your characters. Now go back to

North Lhant Road

Head to the spot where you met with Fendelian army, take the path on the right at the branching path. Tak life bottle and then enter the cave to

Seaside Cavern


[0] 1st: Glintsoul Colony
[0] 2nd: Deathglow Algae

Equip Poison charm on this dungeon to prevent poison from enemies. You’ll notice that you need to swim at point (1). from this point you need to jump to the water to move between area. Your goal is point (2) where you’ll fight

BOSS: Queen Slime

This boss is very hard on higher difficulty. On the beginning of the battlle, it’ll spawn 2 slimes which are really annoying if you’re on higher difficulty ( a lot of HP). after you have lowered half of her HP, she’ll spawn another 4 slimes….. and another 4 slimes when near death. Queen slime is not a threat by herself, so focus on slimes first, try to draw them toward you so they won’t interrupt Cheria and Sophie.

Continue north and get out from this cavern to

North Lhant Road

Take 720 Gald and save your game. Head west to see an event. Before going back to Lhant, check the army’s tent to obtain a new discovery (Vestiges of War). Now go back to Lhant Immediatelly (Via North Lhant Road :D, no need to use Seaside Cavern).

See an event on Lhant, you’ll enter  a battle against Fendel. On the battle remove his accessory and make it yours 😀 (this battle is kinda surprising in hard mode… One attack deals about 350 damage to Asbel and I lower the difficulty after I died :D).

Go to the Manor and head to the room on the right. Talk to the servant to obtain Pasta. Now go to your father’s room and see an event. You won’t win against him…He even can do his Mystic Artes (Instant Balls??? hear what he’s saying on the animation :D).

You need to get out from Lhant now. Head to East Lhant Road and see an even at the cottage.  Head to Port to Barona and ride the ship to Barona.

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