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Posted on Mar 27, 2012

Tales of Graces F Guide Child Arc

Lhant Hill

Head north and then open your first treasure chest (Apple Gel x 3). Continue and you’ll get a notification about skit (press select to view it). Head east from the fountain and open treasure chest (Glassphere). Head north and save your game and then take treasure chest (Life Bottle) right of the save point before going north.

See an event and you’ll get Plucked flower. Get out from Lhant Hill.

World Map

Head west and open the treasure chest contains Glasspheres. Backtrack east and follow the path until you arrive at the town.


Event with Cheria and you’ll lose your Plucked Flower. Go east to the mansion and talk to the old man (Frederic). Few thing you can do:

  • Go inside the house that located right of the windmill. Talk to Granny and you’ll get Pickled Plum, check the dog to obtain Apple Gel.
  • You can buy Manual Manual from the item shop (southeast of the town) to change your control orientation on the battle.
  • Head norhtwest from the item shop and then talk to the guard to get a simple quiz. Answer the question with “We’re not Little Kids. (Wolf pup, Wooly Boar, and Giant Boar). You’ll get 100 Gald as a reward.

The same guard will allow you to go outside the town from the west gate (talk to everyone on the town if he doesn’t allow you), he also gives you Discovery Book.

West Lhant Road

New Discovery: Gel Seeds

Head west and check the sparkling spot on the road (Rusted Nail). Continue west and you’l find your 1st discovery (Gel Seeds), check the treasure beside the tree to obtain Glassphere. Head west until you see an event with Travelling Beastmaster. Save your game.

You can go inside the cottage to talk with Grandma (no reward :D). Don’t go back to Lhant, go south and open the chest to obtain Rice. There is a sparkling spot on the beach south of the treasure chest.

Now go back to Lhant, go to the manor. Go inside and check the “Family Portrait” on the stairs to get a new discovery. Go meet with your father (left room on 1st floor). Go to the town and head to the east part of the town (near item and equipment shop). Talk to Turtlez nearby to obtain dualize book. Continue east to

East Lhant Hill

Continue east and you’ll arrive at the branching path. Head north first and check the middle of the pond to obtain Cryas Shard and open treasure nearby to obtain Apple Gel. Now backtrack and continue east to see an event. You’ll enter a battle against Prairie Eagle. Go back to


Enter the manor and check right window from the main door. Go inside to meet with Richard. Watch an event and then go to Lhant Hill again (you can go there by using the exit on the west).

Lhant Hill

As you arrive there check the fountain to get a new discovery (Spring of Healing) :D. Continue to the spot where you met with Sophie before.

Battle: Bryce HP: 1600

There is nothing hard on this battle. Use side step to evade his attack then counter his attack easily. Sophie will heal you when your HP gets low (no need to use apple gel :D).


Lhant Hill Cliffs

You need to go up, press x button when you’re about to fall (you’ll restart from the spot where you awake if you fall). There are Pickled Plum and Life Bottle along the path. Also, check the bird’s nest to obtain new discovery (Abandoned Nest). You’ll encounter 2 x Bear Hellion, defeat them and continue to the top. Take the Glasspheres and then climb the root. Go back to


You’ll obtain Richard’s Ring. Event, after getting out from your room head to East Lhant Road.

East Lhant Road

Go east past the bridge, take core dust and Glasspheres. Continue until you see an event near the cottage. Enter the cottage and then open the treasure chest to obtain Manual Manual. Continue and then check the brown cow to obtain milk x3; there is also treasure chest contain 300 Gald nearby. Follow the path until you reach Port to Barona.

Port to Barona

Talk to everyone on this town, some of them will give you items (Rice, Dried Seaweed). Enter the house near the turtlez, check the cupboard to obtain items (lettuce x 2 and bread x2). Talk to the white sailor to board the ship (you need to pay 10 Gald).


Go to Castle District and head to the castle. Talk to the guard nad he’ll tell you to wait at valkines cryas square. Go over there (west part of this district). See an event with Richard. Now head north to

North Barona Road

Head north and go west on the branching path to obtain  Glasspheres. Backtrack and continue follow the path (there is another chest contains Beef). Go to the upper land beside the roadside cottage to see an event. Go back to


Head to the inn (located on the first district on Barona). At the nighttime, go to Castle district and head east to the royal sanctuary. Enter the sanctuary through the small crack.

Royal Sancutary

Check the right fountain on the sanctuary (the one with flowing water) to find a new discovery (Water of Absolution). Check other fountain to enter

Barona Catacombs

Keep following the path while taking all the items along the path. Once you see a branching path, go to north and take the treasure chest (500 Gald) on the bridge. Head west and go to the slope, take apple gel from the treasure chest.

Backtrack and take the other path, take glasspheres from the treasure chest. Continue north to the upper path and take life bottle at the end of the path. Take other path until you see a save point.

Battle Monarch Bat and Bat x 2

Focus your attack on Monarch Bat especially when it cast a spell to cancel it.

Event and the end of Child Arc.

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