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Tales of Zestiria Area Guide Malory Forest (Normin and Monolith Location)

You can go to this place through the Meadow of Triumph (North exit). This is the new Sparrow feathers’ hideout, visiting it for the first time will trigger an event. You can’t fully explore this area yet, because there are so many paths which are blocked by  the giant rocks. Come back here again later, when you have obtained the ability to destroy them.

==Malory Forest==

Tales of Zestiria Malory Forest Map

T1 = White Bunny ears

T2 = Chamomile

T3= 3500 Gald

T4 = Life Bottle

T5 = Peach Gel

T6 = Sage

T7,8 = Peach Gel, Spiked Shoes

T9 = ??

T10 = Garish Pink Shirt

==Monolith Location==

==M1: Weaknesses and Resistances==

Tales of Zestiria Malory Monolith Weaknesses and Resistances

On the northeastern part of the area. Located on the south part of Malory-East area.


Tales of Zestiria Grades monolith malory forest

You need Earth ability to reach this monolith. Located on the south part of the Malory (east area; after King Peacock Location).

==Normin Location==

Tales of Zestiria Releeph Location Normin

Nor1 = Releeph

Discovery Point

==Glenwood Rabbit==

Tales of Zestiria Glenwood Rabbit

It’s located near the T1 Location on the map above.

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