Posted on Dec 11, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Calix VI Boss Duoblock Hard Difficulty

Location: Calix VI

Recommended Level: 90 – 95

Recommended time frame: As soon as you’re able to fight it

Property: Beast

Weakness: none


Make sure you read my Hexen Isle Tips and Guide if you have trouble on this battle. Visit THIS PAGE to read it.

Very easy battle, armatize with Mikleo and use these following attacks.

Saint’s Arrow (Beast) => Blistering Fang => Binding Vortex/ Maelstorm

When its HP reach 20,000 it will start to regenerate, this is the challenge of this battle. You need to cancel the regeneration process or kill it with one big attack (save your mystic arte for this phase). You can cancel it by attack it with a power hit. I find that attacking it from front (its head), have better chance to cancel the regeneration process.

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