Posted on Nov 30, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Camlann Monolith, Normin, and Discovery Point Location Guide


==Difficulty Settings==

Tales of Zestiria Monolith Camlann

On the small dead-end, near the path to the Artorius Throne.



Tales of Zestiria Priventi Location

Located at the southwest of the dark turtlez’s shop. It hides inside a house, check the house to talk.

Discovery Point

==Camlann’s Founding Monument==

Tales of Zestiria Camlann Founding Monument

It’s located at the south of the dark turtlez’s shop.

==Burnt Remains of Shepherd Michael’s Home==

Tales of Zestiria Burnt Remains of Shepherd Michael

It’s the same home where you find the Normin (Priventi).

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