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Tales of Zestiria Complete Guide and Walkthrough

Tales of Zestiria Complete Guide and Walkthrough


Main Story

The main story guide won’t be continued further. I will continue to make other part of the guide though (Normin, discovery point, monolith, side boss/area, etc), so you can refer the secrets (normin, etc) starting at number 19 on the monolith section below.

After Fire Trial you’re free to go anywhere you want to search remaining trial, if you need the location of each trial then visit monolith section, I have included how to reach the locations on that section.

Discovery Point List Index

Normins Location Index

Monolith, Normin, and Discovery Point Location

Starting from number 19, the monolith guides will also cover Normin and Discovery points location(M = Monolith, N = Normin, D = Discovery Point). The area listed below are sorted based on when you’re able to reach the area, so you might want to check it while you continue your game from my main story guide.

  1. Gododdin (0M, 2N, 2D)
  2. Yder Cave (0M, 1N, 1D)
  3. Igraine Shrine of Fire Trial (2M, 1N, 1D)
  4. Pendrago Shrinechurch (1M, 1N, 2D)
  5. Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial (0M, 1N, 1D)
  6. Aifread’s Hunting Ground (2M, 1N, 2D)
  7. Weylish Ruins (0M, 1N, 1D)
  8. Morgause Shrine of the Earth Trial (2M, 1N, 1D)
  9. Westronbolt Gorge (2M, 1N, 2D)
  10. Ganglen Ruins (0M, 1N, 1D)
  11. Guinevere, Shrine of The Wind Trial (0M, 1N, 1D)
  12. Great Camelot Bridge (0M, 1N, 1D)
  13. Zaphgott Moor (2M, 2N, 2D)
  14. Trizolde Cave (0M, 1N, 1D)
  15. Lohgrin, the Tower Remain (0M, 2N, 2D)
  16. Plitzerback Wetland (2M, 1N, 2D)
  17. Arctus Ruins (0M, 1N, 1D, Gold Key)
  18. Lhitwerg Woods (0M, 1N, 1D)
  19. Mt. Mabinogio Ruins-Depth (0M, 1N, 1D)
  20. Camlann, the Origin Village (1M, 1N, 2D)
  21. Artorius’ Throne (0M, 1N, 2D)
  22. Hexen Isle; Post Game (1M, 2D)

Side Bosses/Mutant Hellion List

All the bosses are based on the Hard Difficulty, so you may find my recommended level too low or too high (depends on your difficulty).

Side Quest Guide

Hexen Isle Bosses

Tales of Zestiria Hexen Isle Map

On the first time, there is only one Calix (northwest), after you clear the Calix I, it will open other Calix (2 – 7). You need to clear all of them to unlock the last calix (8). After clearing all of them, you can find Dragon Zombie by checking the discovery point (Full Dragon Skeleton) which located in front of the Hexen Isle Save Point. The numbering below is based on their Calix number (example: Agni is the boss at Calix 1, Sophie at Calix 2, etc).

Makes sure you read my Hexen Isle Tips and Guide on THIS PAGE, before attempting to fight any bosses below.

  1. Agni
  2. Sophie
  3. Illuyankas
  4. Jade
  5. Quetzalcoatl
  6. Duoblock
  7. Fafnir
  8. Jade and Sophie
  9. Dragon Zombie
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44 Responses to “Tales of Zestiria Complete Guide and Walkthrough”

  1. jesus says:

    I was read about that Hendalf did something related with velvet, do you know something about that?

  2. KorosuLen says:

    Hello noobbgodlike.
    Been a fan of ur walkthrough of a lot of games.
    Please dont stop making any written walkthrough. 🙁
    Video guides walkthrough are lame. I truely hated it. No fun at all.
    But with written walkthrough, games are fully fun to play and more immersive.
    Keep it up!

  3. Devasyah98 says:

    I want to ask something, i couldn’t find the dragon corridor when i at the Tintagel Ruins. Can you give me some advices

  4. Bredt says:

    One of the best guides I’ve used… Clear concise and direct thanks for the guide… We couldn’t used a more accurate guide like this for Graces f
    Lol thanks man

  5. Mhira says:

    How to beat (Powered Up) Hedalf after clearing hexen isle… please tell me how to kill him…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      What difficulty? On higher difficulty, you simply need to level up and have ability that can reduce resistance. This way your attack can deal enough damage to him.

  6. Example says:

    Thanks for your guide, but can you upload how to get a title. I ever see a character in YouTube with a lot of title. It is got from battle or from a quest?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I don’t have the complete list. But From What I know the title is obtained fromt he story as your progress the game, level up those title to certain level and you will unlock a new one.

  7. Afan says:

    Thank you for the guide! It’s the best ToZ guide I’ve seen so far and am sorry to hear it won’t be completed. >_< But it has been super helpful with the side quests and whatnot! ^^ <3

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You’re welcome 😄. I dont complete it becuae I thought the story is so linear. So I only create side quest. I dont know many players are using this guide 😔😔😔

  8. Sidney says:

    I wonder how do I defeat the Hedalf in its transformation because I believe I’m already late in the game but can not find here on your site to see the rest.
    You also intends to complete your walkthrough?
    Because he helped me in some parts, but I need to know it completely.
    He could provide me full doing the favor?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I don’t plan to finish the story mode like I have said on the post above. Which form you are having hard time? The last form? The key on that battle is armatization (use Mikleo), You only need to spam your attack (forward + circle IIRC) to prevent the “ultimate” attack from killing you. Remember to shoot Mikleo last !!

      • Sidney says:

        The form where you have to use all the seraphim to cut the link it with Maotelos, but when I get to use the third seraphim, I can not avoid the blow it because I play using the keyboard after all my lever (lever XBOX PC / XBOX control) does not recognize the game and it is difficult for me, and so I have to play the keyboard I’ve seen some videos on the internet, but I can not do the same as them.

        I do not know if there is a specific order to use the seraphim to defeat but I can not only once I could get to use the Zaveid at the end but the Rose died and when I relived it to help me stop his blow that kills instantly even defending decides I can not help and hill is always so do not spend the third attempt and can never reach the fourth and final and then finish the game, and see that I am already at level 101 with some characters and 98 with others, would I will have to stay in leveling Aragami to reach level 200 in order to win this damn the Hedalf?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          What difficulty are you in?? I don’t remember need to play on that high level (I play on hard difficulty). And there is no order which serpahim you want to use, however I used mikleo last, because its attack really effective against the boss.

  9. Doujin says:

    Noobbgodlike do got a guide of weapon fusion for ultimate weapon creation?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Sorry, I won’t. There are already a lot of guide about that on youtube :). I don’t play this game anymore now T_T, I would made it if someone had asked me before.

  10. Stonefox says:

    I have a question – how do I unlock mickleos “peas in a pod” title? Is this missable?

  11. Amra says:

    Nice Guide:)

  12. Mr.Bean says:

    I’m very thanks you for your guide ! I have a question please tell me ? how to unclock Rose merchant coustume ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Rose merchant costume, I don’t remember it clearly (because the costume is not that important IMO). If I am not mistaken you get it when you solve the kid’s murderer case (Orc Kong mutant hellion).

  13. H412LI says:

    Hi nobb…

    I like ur guide for this game…

    Im still beginning, can u add the place for the side bosses, in the main guide..

    It help me a lot.. thank

  14. the awaker says:

    #elysia difficulty sett:left from entrance mt mabinogio ruins
    #tintagel ruins (3 Types of Artes): Located in the western round-shaped room. When you walk down the long stairs from the corridor, go straight ahead at all branches and at the end, you will find this Stone Monolith on the left side. If you want to check this Stone Monolith later, warp to the third save point ドラゴンの廊下 (Dragon Corridor).
    #earth trial (Targeting): From the save point, go directly south with going up the stairs until you are almost back at the entrance. Do not jump down at the end, but make a stop here and you will see this Stone Monolith on the left side.
    #westernbolt goerge (Armatization): Nearby the entrance to パルバレイ牧耕地 (Pearloats Pasture). When going from there, you will find this Stone Monolith on the right side.

  15. Danryu says:

    I was searching for optional bosses in google, and found this page. Good job. Now I follow Discovery Points of this guide.

  16. nirwan sukmajati says:

    hi, i just play this game and your guide very helpful to me because its very accurate, i hope u will continue this guide and main story

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I won’t continue the main story guide since it’s kinda straight forward, if certain area needs a hint then I will create a guide for that area (like fire trial). I think the most important is Normin, discovery, and monolith.

  17. Edw says:

    Thanks a lot for your guide.. Very helpful for newbee like me 🙂

  18. Shinda1990 says:

    Please don’t stop this guid just continued this help us very much and your guid very detail and clearly

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I won’t stop the guide, I will still create all monolith, normin, and side quest location. There are no enough people see this guide and it takes too much time. These days, people are prefer video guides on youtube compared the written one :).

    • Jaxxon says:

      Yes, I agree. I exclusively used your guide due to its amazingly well detailed area maps and everything. Not only did i know exactly where to go to continue the story, I knew exactly what spots to look in for items/normin that I wanted. Your guide has saved me so much time, I was really disappointed that it didn’t go past Pearloates.

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Hi, I am really sorry about it T_T. I decide to kinda skip the story because I think it’s pretty straightforward after Pearloates. I hope my guide can still be useful for you :). Thanks for using my guide.

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