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Tales of Zestiria Complete Monolith Location Mt. Mabinogio

==Martial Artes==

Tales of Zestiria Monolith Location Mt. Mabinogio 1

Right after you open your first treasure chest on Mt. Mabinogio Ruins. Sorey will comment something about it, make sure you check it.


Tales of Zestiria Monolith Location Mt. Mabinogio 2

After the first monolith, continue until you find 2nd save point on this ruins. It’s on the big square room.

==Spirit Chain==

Tales of Zestiria Monolith Mt Mabinogi 3

On the same room where you take the “event” treasure chest (Mikleo takes the glove from you); near the stark mark.

==Difficulty Settings==

Tales of Zestiria Difficulty Settings mt mabinogio

After getting out from the Mt. Mabinogio Ruins, head north a little bit to find the monolith.


Tales of Zestiria Monolith 1 Elysia Home of Seraphim

On the east corner of Elysia home of Seraphim.


Tales of Zestiria Elysia Home of Seraphim monolith 2

On the south part of the Elysia home of Seraphim (near the save point).

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