Posted on Oct 23, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Complete Monolith Locations Falkewin Hillside

Tales of Zestiria Falkewin Hillside Map Pt 1

==M1: Martial Artes==

Tales of Zestiria Martial Artes Monolith Falkewin

Go south from the entrance (from Lakehaven Heights) and you will find it.

Falkewin Hillside Pt.2

Tales of Zestiria Falkewind Hillside Part 2

==M1: Switching Seraphim==

Tales of Zestiria Switching Seraphim Monolith Falkewind eastern

Near the entrance to the Marlind.

==M2: Quickstep==

Tales of Zestiria Quickstep Monolith Falkewin Hillside

On the small dead end on the northeast of the area.

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