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Tales of Zestiria Glaivend Basin to Assassin’s Hideout

See the event, and head to Glaivend Basin

Tales of Zestiria Glaivend Basin Map Incom==Glaivend Basin==

T1,2,3 = Saffron (herb), Holy Bottle, and Apple Gel

T4 = Azure Blue

T5 = Chocolate Rusk

T6= Chamomile (herb)

T7 = Apple Gel

Tales of Zestiria Rangus Glaivend Basin

There is a normin (Rangus) near the save point on the entrance.

You can’t fully explore this area yet. Simply follow the star mark that appear on your map, save your game before heading to point (3).

Boss: General Landon

Don’t armatize at this battle (only use it to revive or save your friend), because Landon resists all of the elements you have right now. Simply attack with Sorey’s neutral martial artes and it will result on power hit (because of Therian property). After you drop his HP below 50%, Sorey will learn Mystic Artes (R2 + O button while in the middle of normal attack).

After the battle end, make sure you take and check all treasures and monoliths on the area before heading to the source of the malevolence.


==Volgran Forest==

Go west and check the monolith. You can’t explore this area, so simply go follow the star mark while carrying the girl :). Follow the long event until you’re inside the ruins

==Tintagel Ruins==

Tales of Zestiria Tintagel Ruins Switch

On the ruins, talk to everyone before going to rest in the bed. Event, now you need to open the door to the inside of the ruins. There are 4 switches you need to trigger before able to enter the ruins. The switch positions are are marked with the red number on the map above (1), (2), (3), and (4).

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