Posted on Nov 8, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Gododdin Monolith, Normin, and Discovery Point Location Guide


It seems that there is no monolith on this village.



Tales of Zestiria Fethur Location

On the entrance, it’s really hard to miss this one :).


Tales of Zestiria Tenshun Location

Same as Fethur, it stays near the entrance (south of Fethur)

Discovery Point

==The School of Gododdin==

Tales of Zestiria The School of Gododdin

Simply stand in front of the school that you see when you enter the village for the first time.

==Vermillion Ore==

Tales of Zestiria Vermillion Ore Location

You need to obtain Edna’s Power to be able to reach this location.

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