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Tales of Zestiria Guide All Discovery Point Location

Tales of Zestiria Discovery Location Guide

Finding discovery point will give you 1 AP, and will trigger a skit scene (sometime, it’s funny).

I only write short descriptions about the location on this page (this page only act as an index), if you need more guidance simply click the link provided, which will lead you to their more detailed location. Their locations are marked with RED words or you can simply use the search function on that page to find it quickly.

Num. Discovery Location
1 The invisible Bridge Mt. Mabinogio Ruins, after Mikleo reveal the bridge don’t cross the bridge, check it first.
2 Hyland Goat Elysian Field, just a little bit to the south after exit from Mt. Mabinogio Ruins.
3 Elysalark Nest Elysia Village, on the top of gramp’s house
4 Natural lookout Point Lakehaven height, it’s on the path that leads Aroundight Forest to Ladylake.
5 Beautiful Butterfly Lakehaven height, shortly after the small bridge that leads the way from ladylake to falkewin hillside.
6 Ladylake’s Great Waterwheel Ladylake-central district, on the path that leads to Aqueduct district.
7 Great Sanctuary of the Sacred Blade Ladylake, stand in front of the sanctuary to be able to check it.
8 Altar of the Sacred Blade Vivia Subterranean Aqueduct, check the altar where you obtain the iris gem.
9 Altar of the Bow Galahad Ruins, after inspecting the bow, check it one more time to get it.
10 Rountabel Palace Bookshelves Rountabel Palace, In the waiting room (Where sorey wait to be called).
11 Ancient Underground Dungeon Vivia Aqueduct, near dark turtlez shop.
12 Rayfalke Shrine Rayfalke Spirit crest,  continue forward after meeting with Zaveid.
13 Roadside Guardian Falkewin Hillside, east road that leads to Marlind
14 Falkewin Squirrel Falkewin Hillside, west road that leads to Marlind
15 Statue of the conqueror Dummonia Museum, it’s located on 2nd floor corridor.
16 Flowers of the Great Tree Marlind, near the tree where Rohan stands.
17 Husk of an Ancient Structure Bors Ruins, see the map for the location.
18 Dragon Corridor Tintagel Ruins, check the corridor where Oysh stands.
19 Mural of the Trial Tintagel Ruins, at the end of the ruins (save point)
20 Huge Stump Volgran Forest, giant sump on the middle of the area.
21 Volgran Stag Beetle Volgran Forest, near the entrance to Lastonbell.
22 Orpiment Lamorak Cave
23 Great Belfry of Lastonbell Lastonbell, near the entrance
24 Radishbell Lastonbell, near the park where you meet Sergei
25 Collapsed Leaning Tower Meadow of Triumph, see the map on the linked page
26 Goats of the cliff and Steppe Meadow of Triumph, near the entrance to Cambria Cave
27 Glenwood Rabbit Malory Forest
28 Bligthed Wheat Pearloats Pasture, near the entrance from Meadow of Triumph
29 Hyland Steer Pearloats Pasture, near Dangeroma side boss
30 Opened Sarcophagus Gaferis Ruins, Located on B2 where you can find a lot of coffins
31 Fountain in the Square Pendrago, you can see a fountain as soon as you enter the city
32 Portrait of Heldalf Pendrago, Knight’s tower
33 Petrified Colossus Cambria Caverns
34 Tiny Luminescent Organisms Cambria Caverns
35 Grifkyte Biroclef Ridge
36 Herbs of the Cliffs Biroclef Ridge
37 The School of Gododdin Gododdin
38 Vermillion Ore Gododdin
39 Large Rock of Vermillion Ore Igraine, Shrine of Fire Trial
40 Helictites Yder Cave
41 The Sacred Inscriptions Pendrago Shrinechurch
42 The Crest of Maotelus Pendrago Shrinechurch
43 Damaged Eyeball Statue Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial
44 Aroundight Stag Beetle Aroundight forest
45 Edible Mushrooms and Toxic Mushrooms Aroundight forest
46 Wild Orchids Aifread’s Hunting Ground
47 Rainbow Butterfly Aifread’s Hunting Ground
48 Monolith within the Ruins Weylish Ruins
49 Broken Babyhorse Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial
50 Stone Memorial Pillars Westronbolt Gorge
51 Sylpheagle Westronbolt Gorge
52 Ruin Rats Ganglen Ruins
53 Ruined Windmills of Hyanoa Guinevere, Shrine of the Wind Trial
54 Crabs on the Bridge Great Camelot Bridge
55 Oasis of the Wilds Zaphgott Moor
56 Cactus Flowers Zaphgott Moor
57 Glowing Mushroom Trizolde Cave
58 Curious Doll Statuette Lohgrin
59 Mysterious Monolith Lohgrin
60 Crimson Flower Plitzerback Wetland
61 Giant Footprints Plitzerback Wetland
62 Vines Around Withered Tree Lhitwerg Woods
63 Metallic Funerary Mirror Arctus Ruins
64 Horse Returned to Nature Glaievend Basin
65 Merchants’ Abandoned Wares Remains of Melchior
66 Grave Atop the Mountain Rayfalke Spiritcrest
67 Stern Thunder God Statue Mt. Mabinogio Ruins
68 Camlann’s Founding Monument Camlann, the Origin Village
69 Burnt Remains of Shepherd Michael’s Home Camlann, the Origin Village
70 The Crest of Innominat Artorius’ Throne
71 A Hoard of Ritual Swords Artorius’ Throne
72 Tiger Striped Foxtails Katz Korner
73 Budding Giant Fruit Hexen Isle
74 Full Dragon Skeleton Hexen Isle

Those are all the discovery points on the game. Enjoy and thanks for using my guide while playing this game.

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    27 is glenwood rabbit in malory.

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