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Tales of Zestiria Guide Bors Ruins

Get out from the inn and event. New star mark should appear on your map. Go there and agree to pay 5000 Galds, after the event you will end up paying only 2500 Gald. You’re good to go now. However there are few things you can do,

There are 2 Normins on Marlind,

Tales of Zestiria Difens Marlind

First is Difens, it sits on the Marlind Southwest entrance (south of the inn).

Tales of Zestiria Reziss

Second is Reziss, it sits in front of the Sanctuary, if it’s not here then come back again after you clear Bors Ruins.

Tales of Zestiria Mynd Location

Go to Falkewin Hillside, and head to Bors Ruins (red dungeon mark on your map). There is also a Normin near the Bors ruins Entrance (Mynd), so take it first before entering the ruins.

==Bors Ruins==

Tales of Zestiria Bors Ruins MapT1 = Hanging Hair (Left)

T2 = Elixir

T3 = Bamboo Stack

T4 = Apple Gel

T5 = Thorny Vest

T6 = Sage (herb)

Visit THIS PAGE for Bors Ruins Monolith Location.

Tales of Zestiria Discovery Point Ancient Husk

(1) Discovery Point: Husk of an Ancient Structure.

Tales of Zestiria Normin Spirri

Nor = Normin Spirri

Pretty Straightforward dungeon, simply go to the star mark on the map above. There are many paths which blocked by a rock, so remember to return here when you have the ability to destroy them. 2 important things on this dungeon, Normin and Discovery Point.

==Boss: Evil Plantasm==

The boss has a wide range attack, command your party to spread out and cast artes.  Best armatization for this battle is fire, because it has “early” Apodous type of attack. Remember to dodge to left or right when you see “Zooming Punch” skill.

After defeating the Boss, head back to Marlind.

Talk to Lucas and head back to the inn. Now go to Rohan and speak with him. Alisha will leave your party, now head back to the inn to trigger an event.

Tales of Zestiria Discovery Point Flawless the Great Tree

Note: there is a discovery point near Rohan, not sure whether this is just become available now or I missed it on previous guide.

Before talking to Lucas, make sure you have prepared everything you need, you won’t be able to return to Hyland area for a while.

  • You can try to fight side boss (Managarmr), visit THIS PAGE for more info.
  • There is also an Iris Gems Quest, visit THIS PAGE for more info.
  • For Normin, you should have 5 of them right now, Atakk is default, the other normins‘ locations are described on this page.

Now talk to Lucas again near the great tree to go to the war.

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