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Tales of Zestiria Guide Dummonia Museum

==Dummonia Museum==

Tales of Zestiria Dummonia Museum MapT1 & T3 = Apple Gel

T2 = Shabby Spear

T4 = Life Bottle

T5 = Saffron

T6 = Calcite Boots

T7 = Calcite Hairband

T8 = ?? (missed, please comment if you know)

T9 = Rosemary (Herb)

You can destroy the web by using silver flame.

Tales of Zestiria Dangerous Encounter Dummonia

Tips: Be careful when exploring this dungeon, many rooms occupied with 2 monsters, if you encounter them while they’re close to each other, the battle will become a dangerous encounter. On dangerous encounter you need to fight all of them, and their level boosted significantly (on this dungeon their level boosted to Lvl 28…). You’re probably dead if you enter the dangerous encounter, simply choose escape.

Tales of Zestiria Statue of the Conqueror

(1) is still locked so go south first. Check the painting on point (2) to unlock the door nearby. Continue to 2nd floor. There is a discovery point at (3); Statue of the Conqueror. Now go to A first before head to (4). Unlock the door at (1) by burning the web, take all treasures, head to (4) now. Check the painting and

Boss: Knight Arthur

Its Hp is really high, but it’s very easy to interrupt his attack. Armatize with Edna and then all your attack will become power hit :). Simply spam martial artes and guard when your SC low. Very easy battle.

Talk to the Normin and then get out from this museum.

Tales of Zestiria Marlind Map Fin

Now we need to reduce the malevolence. You can do that by purifying the mist hound on the city (H on the Marlind map above). Once you have purified all the mist, Edna will tell you to go to base of the tree. Save your game and head there.

Boss: Drake

It resists to all of your Seraph’s element. However, it still has winged property which weak against 2nd and 3rd neutral attack of the Earth Armatize form (Echo Shock and Rock Wringer). For this battle, order others to spread out (right analog tilt left) and prioritize defense (right analog tilt down). You can order others to help if their health is full, other than that always spread and prioritize defense.

Speak to Rohan and go back to the inn to end this chapter.

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