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Tales of Zestiria Guide Falkewin Hillside

After waking up, go outside and head to the star mark to meet with Father Bruenor. Now head to Lakehaven Heights and head south to Falkewin Hillside.

Tales of Zestiria Verbena Lakehaven near falkewind

Tips: There is a herb (Verbena) located west of the entrance to Falkewin. If you use my guide since the beginning, then it’s also time to check the last monolith on Lakehaven heights (on the entrance to Falkewin Hillside). Visit THIS PAGE to know all monolith locations on Lakehaven Heights.

Tales of Zestiria Beautiful Butterfly Discovery

There is also a discovery point (beautiful butterfly) too, shortly after you cross the bridge from near ladylake to falkewin hillside direction.

==Falkewin Hillside==

Tales of Zestiria Falkewin Hillside Map Pt 1

T1 = Chocolate Gelato
T2&3 = Amber Spear and Sage (herbs)

New area means new monolith, visit THIS PAGE for Falkewin Monoliths. Don’t go to star mark yet! Level up your characters to lvl 10 while taking all treasure chests nearby. Save your game when you’re ready and then go to Star Mark.

Boss: Oroboros

The battle is kinda hard once its HP drops below 50%. It will start using rising coil attack which has a wide area (it can be evaded by step back command, always step back when you see it charge towards you). Use “spread out” command (Right analog tilt left) and “defensive” (Right Analog tilt down).

Short strategy: Armatize with Mikleo => Command others to spread out and defensive => attack the Oroboros by yourself => if the enemy struggle because of your attack, keep attacking while telling your party to go all out (right analog tilt up) => Once your party attack Oroboros, use your blast attack. Repeat until you win.

Tips: Armatize with Mikleo is better than armatizing with Lailah, since your attack is ranged when armatizing with Mikleo. The boss is not weak against fire too, so there is no reason to armatize with Lailah.

Tales of Zestiria Father Bruenor on Sanctuary

Back to Ladylake and meet Father Bruenor (he’s on the Ladylake Sanctuary). Now you can use Lord of the Land menu on every save points.

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