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Tales of Zestiria Guide Galahad Ruins

Tales of Zestiria Galahad Ruins Location

Go to Lakehaven Heights, your goal is Galahad Ruins it’s located on the northwest. There is a giant boulder blocked the northwest path, so you need circle around through the Northeast path.

Warning: You may find tough enemy along the path (purple wolf; IIRC, its name is Magnamr), avoid it if you see it. It probably kill you within 10 seconds :).

==Galahad Ruins==

Tales of Zestiria Gallahad Ruins Map

Tales of Zestiria Galahad Ruins Purple Fog

Use Silver Flame (up button) on purple mist which block your path.

The items found in the dungeon may different from yours (unless it’s a locked chest).

T1= Forget

T2= Rosemary (Herb)

T3 = locked

T4 & 5 = Amber Garment & Earth Ring

T6 = Apple Gel

T7= Saffron (Herb)

T8= ??

T9 = Devil Wings

M is short for Monolith, visit THIS PAGE for more info about it.

Tales of Zestiria Altar of the Bow

Go to point S1 on this dungeon, you will see a bow and familiar clothes :). Once the event ends, go back to the bow and check it one more time to find a discovery point (Altar of the Bow).

Tales of zestiria Holy Water Galahad Ruins

Now simply continue to S2 to trigger an event and a battle. The battle is very easy. After you win go to S3 and then check the water to end this chapter.

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