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Tales of Zestiria Guide Lakehaven Heights to Ladylake

Head southeast to exit from Elysia. You will see a scene.

==Aroundight Forest==

Tales of Zestiria Vine on Aroundight Forest

You can’t do much on this area at this moment. You can cut through the vine by using Sorey‘s Sword attack. There are 2 treasure chests on this area, one of them contain Battle Boots (contains 3 bonus skills).

Tales of Zestiria Rock at aroundight Forest

Tips: Ignore the giant rocks which block the path for this moment. You can’t do anything about it for now.

Simply head east and exit this forest (you will find chamomile on the way there).

==Lakehaven Heights==

Tales of Zestiria Natural Lookout Point Discovery Point

Not much to do here, You can find a Discovery Point (Natural Lookout Point). There is also a monolith nearby (Visit THIS PAGE for more info). No go to star mark on your map.

Talk to the merchant (star on top of his head). After conversation, talk to the merchant again, and she will ask you to sell Royal Blade for 1000 Gald.

Tips: I don’t know what will happen if you choose to sell it, but I didn’t do it on my game. It’s also needed later.

Try to leave the area to trigger a conversation with Mikleo. You can enter Ladylake now.


Tales of Zestiria Ladylake chest 1 Tales of Zestiria Ladylake chest 2

There are 2 treasures on this area, the first one near the entrance (Apple Gel) and the other near the inn (Amber Waistcoat). Now open your map, you should see 3 star mark on the map, go to all of them to trigger an event.

Tales of Zestiria Great Sanctuary of the Sacred BladeAfter the star marks disappear, head to Noble District. Head to star mark to see an event. Back to central district (there is a Saffron near the gate to central district). On the central district head to “Ladylake Sanctuary“. You can find The Discovery Point in front of the sanctuary (Great Sanctuary of The Sacred Blade).

There is Rosemary near the crowd (northwest) and monolith nearby (visit THIS PAGE to know more about monolith on Ladylake). You can’t enter the sanctuary from the front gate, so go to the back of the sanctuary (see your map).

Tips: On my playthrough, the dog is dead… however I learn that you can save it if you fast enough (don’t let the dog disappear from your sight).

On the back of the sanctuary you will fight

Tales of Zestiria #2 boss Fox ManBOSS: Fox Man #2

Health: 2403 (Hard Difficulty).
Resistance: none
Weak: Water

He’s same as before simply spam the water element attacks. However,be careful when his HP drops below 40%, he will attack you more frequently and able to chain his attack, use guard more frequently on this phase.

After defeating him, try to enter the sanctuary from the back entrance. The guard will prevent you from entering it. Talk to the lady merchant (star on her head). You need 1000 gald to enter the sanctuary. I choose to sell the Gramps’ pipe (he told me to do it, right? 🙂 ). Enter the sanctuary and see a very long event. There is an easy battle after the event. You can save the game after that if you want.

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