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Tales of Zestiria Guide Lastonbell to Meadow of Triumph

Tales of Zestiria Lastonbell Map


T1= 3000 Gald

T2= Rosemary

T3,4 = Madeline and Chamomile

T5 = Locked Chest

T6 = Melancholic Din

T7 = Saffron

T8 = Life Bottle

T9 = Locked

Go to “!” on your map to buy another map from the turtlez (300 Gald).

Go to 2 star marks on your map, the party will suggest you to go to the Sanctuary. Before go to the sanctuary, explore the city and get all treasures, monolith, etc (Visit THIS PAGE for complete monolith location, I missed to put one monolith on the map above). Save your game before entering the Sanctuary!

==Boss: Sergei==

One on one battle, always guard, step right or left when he attack you and then counter attack. Really easy battle even on hard mode.

Tales of Zestiria Great Belfry Lastonbell Discovery

On point D1 turn around to see (city gate direction) the bell and find the discovery point (Great Belfry of Lastonbell).

Tales of Zestiria Radishbell Discovery

On point D2 see the farm fields to find a discovery point (Radishbell).

Tales of Zestiria Blude Normin Location

There is Normin on the cemetery (Blude) on Nor1.

Tales of Zestiria Plezur Location

After the battle go to the park to talk with Sergei. There is a Normin nearby (Plezure at Nor2). The party decides to go to Pendrago, before going out, make sure you have talked to all people with  on your map to learn more about this city’s condition.

Tales of Zestiria Lord of the land Lastonbell information

The most important NPC is a Seraph (or human??) in front of the sanctuary. He has Purple Star above his head. He will tell you about the Lord of the Land of this town. Now exit from this city through the west gate (there will be an event about Sparrow feathers’ new hideout).

Tales of Zestiria Meadow of Triumph Map==Meadow of Triumph==

T1, T8 = Apple Gel

T2 = Madeline

T3 = Saffron

T4 = Sage

T5 = 2250 Gald

T6 = Rosemary

T7 = Sideburns

T9 = Fluoric Sword

T10 = Holy Bottle x2

T11 = Lavender

A very big area and many branched transition areas. The South and southwest path can’t be accessed right now. For now, simply collect all discovery points, Normin, and Monolith on this area. You can go north to Malory Forest for a little side quest event. Visit THIS PAGE for Malory Forest guide. After done, head west to Pearloats Pasture.

Tales of Zestiria Discovery Collapsed Leaning Tower

D1 = Discovery Point; Collapsed Leaning Tower

Tales of Zestiria Goats of the Cliff and Steppe

D2 = Discovery Point; Goats of the cliff and Steppe

Tales of Zestiria Normin Gaine Meadow of Triumph

Nor1 = Gaine

Tales of Zestiria Primor Normin Location

Nor2 = Primor

Tales of Zestiria Guide Main Page

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