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Tales of Zestiria Guide Mt. Mabinogio Ruins to Elysia Village

You will see a brief tutorial about the control. Move Sorey to the “star” mark on the map. Check the wall to trigger an event. Follow Mikleo to trigger another event.

==Mt. Mabinogio Ruins==

Tales of Zestiria Sage Mt Mabinogio entrance

Once you gain the control of your characters go west and check the flower to get Sage. Continue and save your game if you want. You need to help the girl. Continue and cut through the web using [ ] button.

After defeating your first enemies continue and open your first treasure chest. You will get a tutorial about equipment. After finishing the tutorial, look around and check the gray stone (monolith). Continue until you reach a big square room with a save point. There is another monolith on this room, so check it.

Tips: I won’t cover the monolith location on this main story guide. Visit THIS PAGE and use them with this page to know more about the Monolith Location on this area.

Tales of Zestiria Mt Mabinogi Lavender Item

Continue to the star mark and open the treasure chest to get an item. Go to the small path nearby and check the plant to get Lavender.  Head to star mark, now back track to big square room and go to star mark on the map. Cross the bridge and press “X” when you can to find the Discovery Point (Invisible Bridge).

Continue to help the girl. After the event go to the star mark immediately, no need to go downstairs because the door is locked.

==Elysia, home of the Seraphim==

Tales of Zestiria Hyland Goat

There are no enemies here so you can go straight to the star mark if you want. You can also explore the area a little bit to find monolith (refer to THIS PAGE). There is also a new discovery point on this area (Hyland Goat), it’s really hard to miss this one :).

On the village, open the treasure chest in front of Sorey’s house to get Natural Waistcoat. Go to gramps house to see an event. Now go back to your house to get “stolen” treasure from Mikleo. Now talk to the Woman. Now you need to hunting the Prickle boar.

Tales of Zestiria Verbena Evening ElysiaGo to Star Mark on your map, to find one. Defeat them, you still need more, so explore the area to fight them until Sorey say it’s enough at the end of the battle (You need 8 Prickleboar Hide). Now go back to Sorey’s House. On the evening check the flower near the waterfall, you can get Verbena. Go to Gramps’ home to end this day.

Tales of Zestiria Elysalark Nest

Note: There is a discovery point near the gramps’ home, follow the small stair lead to Elysalark Nest.

After Alysha left, there will be an event. Save your game and head to the star mark on your map.

Tales of Zestiria 1st boss Unknown

BOSS: unknown
Health: 1558 (Hard difficulty)
Strong: Neutral and Dark
Weakness: Water

Sorey will obtain his hidden art on this battle (Heavenly Torrent). Use it on this battle because this boss is weak against water. The battle is very easy even on hard difficulty, attack the boss when Mikleo nearly finish his attack, this way you can keep him struggling. Use apple gel when you need it (don’t wait Mikleo to heal you).

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