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Tales of Zestiria Guide Pearloats Pasture to Pendrago

Tales of Zestiria Pearloats PastureT1 = Peach Gel

T2 = Chamomile

T3 = Sharpened Needle

T4 = Spiked Shoes

T5 = Shiba Inu Ears

T6 = Verbena

T7 = Life Bottle

T8 = Cheesecake

T9 = Locked

T10 = Saffron

T11 = Wind Ring

T12 = Peach Gel

Tales of Zestiria Chein

Nor1= Chein

Tales of Zestiria Fantum Normin

Nor2 = Fantum

Tales of Zestiria Bligthed Wheat Discovery Point

D1 = Bligthed Wheat

Tales of Zestiria Hyland Steer Discovery

D2 = Discovery Point Hyland Steer

Note: Gaferis Ruins is an optional area. You can’t clear the ruins 100% yet, however if you still want to explore it, then check the main page for the guide (optional area).

There is a mutant Hellion on this area (Dangeroma), visit THIS PAGE for the strategy and the location.


Tales of Zestiria Fountain in the Square Tales of Zestiria Justiss Normin

As you arrive at the city you should see a fountain, check it to find a discovery point (Fountain in the Square). There is also a Normin (Justiss) sit on the left side of the fountain (Nor1).

Tales of Zestiria Pendrago Mini MapT1 = Peach Gel

T2 = Chamomile

T3 = Panacea Bottle

Tales of Zestiria Gaizer Normin

Talk to Sergei, before heading to Knight’s tower go explore the city to collect monolith and other Normin at Nor2(Gaizer). There is a Turtlez on the Pendrago Eastern Quarter, so go there and buy the map. Head to Knight’s tower and see the event.

Tales of Zestiria Portrait of Heldalf

Note: there is a discovery point (Portrait of Heldalf) on the Knight’s tower.

Tales of Zestiria Spectral Cloak get out from Pendrago

Head back to the inn, at the night time search Rose and Dezel (look for star mark on your map). Now head to the church and speak with the priest. Event, get out from the church. You will get a new field ability (Spectral Cloak), head to Knight’s tower and talk with Sergei. He will teach you Lion’s Howl (equip and use it on the battle to finish the tutorial). Now get out from this city (You need to use Spectral Cloak to get out from this town).

Tales of Zestiria Save point near cambria cave

After getting out, use nearby save point to travel to Meadow of Triumph-Exit Leading South Ridge. If you don’t have it then you need to teleport to any save point on Meadow of Triump and head to the dungeon on the southwest of the area (Cambria Cavern).

Tales of Zestiria Guide Main Page

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