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Tales of Zestiria Guide Rayfalke Spiritcrest

Tales of Zestiria need to go to rayfalke

Sleep in the inn (if this is your 2nd time, you may get a converstation with Lailah and a new talent for Lailah; Fusion). Head to Falkewin Hillside and continue to the star mark, talk to Alisha. After she left, head west to

==Rayfalke Spiritcrest==

The area is pretty straightforward, so I don’t include the map. Visit THIS PAGE to know the location of all the monolith.

At the entrance there is a herb nearby. Go to save point and then make sure you save your game!! Continue to star point  to see an event.

Tales of Zestiria High Level Hellion Rayfalke

You don’t need to kill the monster simply survive for a few seconds. Armatize with your partner (I suggest Mikleo) and then run around until the battle is over.


==Boss: Zaveid==

The battle is really hard on hard difficulty. You don’t need to kill him, the battle will be over when you have reduced about 20% of his HP.

Listen to what he says:

[0] If he says “magnetic field” while cast the art, it means he will cast geostigma. Dodge it by dash forward.
[0] If he doesn’t say anything while casting the art, then he will cast wind lance. Dodge it by evade to the right or the left.

The other strategy is switching your seraph (up = Lailah, left = Mikleo). Always switch to another Seraph when your active Seraph’s Health low (or dead). After switching to another Seraph, armatize immediately!!!! Fight Zaveid in this form as long as you can. When your HP low, return to normal form and then switch to another Seraph (his/her HP should be restored now). Armatize again and repeat until you win.

Tales of Zestiria Herb near corpse rayfalke

After the battle check the corpse and then head left to pick the herb (chamomile).Continue forward, ignore the chasm at this moment, you can’t cross it yet. Continue until you see a branching path.

Tales of Zestiria Rayfalke Shrine

There is a shrine nearby, check it to trigger an event. After event, check it one more time to find a discovery point (Rayfalke Shrine). Head south to a dead end, there is a herb (Saffron) and if you defeat armordillo, it will trigger a scene with Lailah :). Now continue to the star mark, you will fight a dragon… You can’t win against this one, open your menu and choose escape when the battle start.

See a long event and then get out from this dungeon.

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