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Tales of Zestiria Guide Tintagel Ruins and Volgran Forest

Tales of Zestiria Wresst Normin

There is Normin (Wresst) lying on the bed on the west bedroom.

Tales of Zestiria Tintagel Ruins MapT1 = Sage (Herb) and 1500 Gald (locked blue chest)

T2 = Life Bottle x 2

T3 = Panacea Bottle x2

T4 = Saffron

T5 = Soft-Serve Ice Cream

T6 = Apple Gel

T7 = Burning Dash

T8 = Chamomile

T9 = Silver Key

T10 = Rossweisse

T11, 12 = Raider Blade, Donut

Tales of Zestiria TIntagel Ruins Floor Switch smoke

On point (1), there will be an event. Check the wall and doors on this room, and then speak to everyone. There will be hellions, defeat it and then there will be a smoke trap. Simply press the switches on the floor to turn off the smoke (on the squared pattern).

Save your game before continue to point (2).

Boss: Dragonewt

==1st phase and 2nd phase==

Just play safely, don’t armatize unless Sorey is getting killed (to revive him). The key for this battle is Sorey’s first martial artes which can hurt “dragon”type. The battle will be over once you have reduced about 1000 Health (1st phase) and 2000 Health (2nd phase).

==3rd phase==

Armatize into wind form. Watch out for “!!” mark on your screen, it means he is gonna use head splitter, it deals high damage but can be easily avoided by step right or left. When his HP drops below 20%, it can cast “Binding Breath” on his “!!” attack. You can evade this attack by double step right or left. The battle is not hard, it’s only time consuming :).

Tales of Zestiria Dragon CorridorOn point D1, stand facing the corridor until you get an option to check the corridor, you will find a discovery point (Dragon Corridor). On Point (3), there is an Iris Gem (Yellow Iris Gem: Dva).

Your goal is the north end of this dungeon to reach it you need to trigger switches; they’re located on point (3), (4), and (5).

To reach switch (5), you need to use dash ability you just got from Dezel.

Tales of Zestiria Blokk Normin

Note: Go to point (6), that will lead you to the small area on the Volgran Forest. You can find Normin (Blokk) and item (Horns) on that area.

Tales of Zestiria Mural of the Trial

After pressing all the switches, you can go to point D2 by using the dash ability through the platform you just raised. Check the wall to find a discovery point (Mural of the Trial).

Now go back to the the point (1) to trigger an event with Oysh.

Tales of Zestiria Volgran Forest Map Rev 1

==Volgran Forest==

T1 = Sage (Herb)

T2 = Mango Sorbet

T3 = Middy Blouse

T4 = Rune Crest

T5 = Black Talismans

T6 = Lavender (herb)

T7 = Panacea Bottle

T8 = Verbena

T9 = Rosemary

Tales of Zestiria Huge Stump Discovery
There is a discovery point (Huge Stump) on D2.

Tales of Zestiria Volgran Stag Beetle

You can fully explore this area now :). Take all treasures chest and Monolith. Your goal is located on the southwest. There is a discovery point (Volgran Stag Beetle) at D1 and Normin (Roon).

Tales of Zestiria Roon

After obtaining all of those items, head to the city on the southwest to trigger an event.

Note: There is an optional area called Lamorak cave on the south, you can explore it if you want to get monoliths and other things. I will cover it on the other section though. Check the main page for the guide.

Tales of Zestiria Guide Main Page

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