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Tales of Zestiria Hexen Isle Tips and Guide

The bonus dungeon is hard because the normal enemies are so over leveled compared to you. You can grind if you want, but if you don’t have much time like me (have other games to beat 🙂 ). Then these few tips below may help you.

[1] Max your Lord of the Land Level (25), it will take a time however it’s faster than leveling all your characters to 200 :). You only need to max Lost Katz (Hexen Isle Lord of the Land).

How to max it?

Tales of Zestiria Drop Bottle Hexen Isle

Simply by offering items, you need a lot of money for that. To get the money you can grind on Mimic Giant (more on this on the other page). However, if you have a bad luck finding it, then simply use 15 drop bottles when you fight the boss on Hexen Isle-Calix. They will give you a same (even more) amount of money as the mimic Giant (about 1 million – 2 millions). The screen shot above show you the reward for using 15 drop bottles on one of the Hexen Isle Bosses.

After getting the money, restock the drop bottle (Camlann Dark Turtlez Shop; 3 stars and higher). Now spend the rest of money to buy following items

Apple, Peach, and Grape Gel.
Holy, Dark, Panacea, and Life Bottle.

They should cost you 52,500 Gald. Offer them on nearby save point (309 grade). Here is the video that shows you the route.

[2] When you want to beat a boss on Calix, remove all boons (serveice of the normin, drop rates, etc) and put the points on the following boons

Tales of Zestiria Lost Katz Boons

[-] Resistant Body: Reduce Stagger time.. Higher level enemies cause you stagger for a very long time, this ability will helps you against that.
[-] Protection from the Strong: Reduce 20% of enemy damage (only affect the enemies which have higher level than you)
[-] Punishment for the Powerful: Deal 20% more damage to enemy (only affect the enemies which have higher level than you)
[-] Unshakeable Resolve: The probability of allies being stunned is halved. Very important !!!

[3] Have Elixir and Melon Gel, they’re expensive, but they’re lifesaver if you’re in pinch. You can buy these from the Camlann Dark Turtlez Shop.

[4] Search for Phoenix and Lindwer equipments, Phoenix is very important because it can helps you to survive from an unexpected attack. Lindwer is useful because most of the bosses are a dragon type :).

I only do a little farming for Sorey, the recommended equipments are:

Tales of Zestiria Bloodied Sword

[0] Bloodied Sword: Dropped by Solveiger on Calix 1 (cyclops enemy), they’re easy to beat. It has phoenix as its initial ability so getting 2 phoenix is very easy!
[0] Mumbane (armor), it also has phoenix as its initial ability. I get 3 of them from Camlan Village dangerous encounter (with + 29 level from normin service; Phoenix, Lindwer, Sheeld).
[0] Lindworm Ring; It’s strong against dragon and can be dropped by the eyeball enemy on Artorius throne-inside (boost the level by using normin; + 29). Search for the one which also have the phoenix ability.

Tales of Zestiria Boots Hexen

I don’t pay do any extra farming for other body parts :). For earrings, I use Adamantine Earrings which only have plaite (armor + 10%) and lindwer  (dragons + 15%) ability. For boots, I use topaz boots +9 (they have farrest on all slots), you can simply use adamantine boots (max bg +1).

[5] Go to Katz Korner. Sleep at the inn and choose the food Mabo Curry, you will be resurrected if you die in the battle (with 60% of HP).

[6] Eat snacks before you enter the battle, choose anything you will feel will help in the battle. I prefer Atk + 8%.

I evade almost all enemies from Calix 4 and above, their levels are insane….. one battle can take me about 3 – 5 minutes with only 500 EXP as reward. IMO, this games really have a messed up EXP reward ratio. I have no idea why they force us to grind with Mimic Giant instead of making normal enemies have better reward ratios.

That’s all the tips that I have for the Hexen Isle. Feel free to leave any comments if you have any suggestion or questions. Thank you for using my guide while playing this game.

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