Posted on Dec 11, 2015

Tales of Zestiria How to Defeat Jade and Sophie Calix 8 Hard Difficulty

Location: Calix VIII

Recommended Level: 95 -100

Recommended time frame: As soon as you’re able to fight it

Property: Person

Weakness: None


Make sure you read my Hexen Isle Tips and Guide if you have trouble on this battle. Visit THIS PAGE to read it.

The most important thing on this battle is to focus onat one character at a time. Make sure you defeat Sophie first, because Jade will become really troublesome if his health is getting low (casting Meteor Storm). For Sophie, Armatize with Edna and use these following attacks

Rising Sand (or side step when blocking her attack)=> Echo Shock => Gigaton Smash (seraphic arte)

That combo should deal about 4000 – 8000 damage. Once you’re done with Sophie, it’s become like a battle on Calix IV against Jade. You already know what to do :). Visit THIS PAGE if you didn’t use my guide before.

P.S: Set your AI friends to “interfere with enemy arte” and “go all out” so they can interfere Jade while you’re fighting Sophie.

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