Posted on Dec 3, 2015

Tales of Zestiria How to Defeat the Dragon Eizen

Location: Rayfalke Spiritcrest (at the peak).

Recommended Level: 76 – 80

Recommended time frame: After clearing all the trials

Property: Dragon

Weakness: none

Recommended attack:

The key on this battle is seraphic arte (armatized form). Don’t engage him at the melee range, because most of your attack will be blocked and he will counter your attack. My suggestion is to armatize with Mikleo, because his maelstorm (seraphic arte) is very powerful and you can chain it with Six Falling Stars (strong against Dragon). so the attack sequence is like:

Maelstorm => Maelstorm => Six Falling Stars

That combo should deal about 1500 – 2000 damage. Remember to maintain your distance and NEVER STAY IN FRONT OF THE DRAGON’S FACE. Save your BG for healing (don’t use mystic arte because the battle is very long and you need to maintain your BG for healing). This is another reason to use Water form because the healing (R2) is so powerful (no need to heal your partner, because he/she will die again anyway).

Always put your guard up when you see it cast a spell!! Once its HP drops below 50% it start to use Neigh, you can stand a bit closer to him this time. Neigh will increase your maelstorm casting speed, because it’s a hidden arte.

See the video to see how I did it, the battle is not hard, you just simply need patience. If you want the trophy for this battle, don’t use any items on the battle.

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  1. Tanno says:

    Another tip to hasten this battle: Set the attack strategy to “Engage in Range”. This will force everyone to stay away from Eizen and cast Seraphic Arte against him.

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