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Tales of Zestiria How to Defeat Zaveid and Rose Hard Difficulty Fight Guide

Location: Lakehaven Height

Recommended Level: 80 -85

Recommended time frame: After clearing the game

Property: Person

Weakness: none


MAX OUT Sorey, Mikleo, Lailah, and Edna ‘s BG !!!!
Eat Mabo Curry Bun (Lohgrin Inn), for KO protection!!

Items to stock

Arcane Bottle: restores 2 BG. you can only deal significant damage to them through mystic arte, so this is very useful.
Elixir: It fully restores your HP and 3 BG. Definitely a lifesaver.

You can buy those items on the shop which have 4 stars and above.

First, I suggest you to defeat Zaveid first, he’s the real trouble on this battle. You can only deal “normal” damage to him using fire and water armatize. As for Rose, you can only use earth armatize. That’s why I suggest you to focus on Zaveid first, because you have 2 chances (fire and water).

Simply guard against their attacks, wait until you see an opening (their combos take a delay, Zaveid just finished casting an arte, etc) and then attack. Always guard when you see Zaveid chanting a seraphic arte, attacking him will speed up the art (because you use hidden arte on the armatize form) and you will get hit by the arte.

Once you defeat Zaveid, armatize with Edna. Don’t let your guard down, even when she’s alone. Always guard against her attack and wait for the opening to counter her attack.

On this battle use the analog tilt up attacks, they are the most effective against them:
Blistering fang and Binding vortex (Water armatize) can attack from afar and push them back a little.
Tower of Blood (Fire armatize): have huge area of attack and can juggle them to the air
Rampaging Giant (Earth armatize): Long reach which make you safe from Rose’s attack

Both of them can’t use their mystic if you’re getting hit while guarding.

See the video for the execution of this plan.

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