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Tales of Zestiria How to get to Katz Korner Guide

First, You need to have Gramps’ pipe to get into this island. I will cover for the pipe guide.

For the pipe, your gramp will give you at the beginning of the game. On the game, you will sell it later to Sparrow Feather Merchant for 5000 Gald. You can buy the pipe back from the old man at Lastonbell (Visit THIS PAGE for more info about it).

Tales of Zestiria Gramps Pipe

Go back to your gramps when you’re able to re-visit Elysia. Give the pipe to him and you will get an Elixir as  reward (this elixir reward has an expiry time, you need to clear this before finishing the iris gems episode). This conclude the pipe’s quest for a while.

Tales of Zestiria Turtlez Great Camelot Bridge

Second, you need to buy all map from the turtlez. He’s on every town located on this game (Last town is Lohgrin) and marked with “!” on the town map. After buying all maps from him, he will show up on  Great Camelot Bridge. Talk to him and he will say something about Katz Korner.

Note: If he’s not appear on the bridge then you may haven’t bought all the maps from him. You may also need to progress until you reach Artorius Throne.

Tales of Zestiria Katz

Now go to Ladylake – Noble District. You should see “!” on the map. Go there to trigger an event. After the event the Katz will allow you to enter Katz Korner if you have a certain item.

Tales of Zestiria LoL Morgrim Katz

Note: if you don’t see the Katz on Noble District, then you may need to talk to lord of the land first (Morgrim at Pendrago).

Tales of Zestiria Gramp letter and pipe

Now go back to Elysia and go to Gramps’ house, check the bookshelves to find the pipe and letter. You will get Gramps’ pipe, go back to Katz and he will allow you to get into Katz Korner.

Note: If you don’t return the pipe on the firsthand, then I believe you don’t need to re-check the house :). The only thing you miss is an Elixir.

You can find an optional boss Dark Turtlez here. You can also find one discovery point.

==Tiger-Striped Foxtails==

Tales of Zestiria Tiger Striped location1

It’s located at the northeast of the inn.

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  1. reytristiant says:

    i can’t find the Katz you mention in Noble district after i follow every step. except, i don’t sell Gramps’ pipe in the first place. and already gave it back to him. so after talking to Morgrim, i went to Elysia to check the bookshelf.nothing happened. i saw the pipe and a letter, but no action command appear. i tried talk to Gramp, and he answer like nothing. is it a bug? or should i proceed the story?

  2. Angela Johnson says:

    This really hepled a lot. THANKS My brother and I were stuck for a minute. U saved my skin. My brother was beegging me to help him. Although, I am glad I found this site to look onto. Now I can continue on with the game. But when Dezel DIED that was so sad. I really hated it.

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