Posted on Oct 20, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Monolith Location Ladylake

There are more monoliths on this area, I will update the guide again soon when I have updated the main quest.

==Advanced Techniques==

Tales of Zestiria Advanced Techniquest Monolith Ladylake

When you first arrive on the city, you will see an event about 2 tiger hellions fighting each other. The monolith is located nearby.

==Hit Points (HP)==

Tales of Zestiria Hit Points Monolith Ladylake

On the rightside (east) of the Ladylake Sanctuary (front entrance).

==Seraphic Artes==

Tales of Zestiria Guide Serphic Artes Monolith Ladylake

Go east after you have talked to Lailah about the Shepherd. If you missed it, it’s located on “Ladylake Outside the Aqueduct“.

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  1. Daemetius says:

    There’s a third monolith in Ladylake Town. It’s next to where the fighting tigers were in the beginning of the game.

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