Posted on Dec 5, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Catoblepas

Location: Artorius Throne, Located behind the fire room on Artorius Throne. It’s the first elemental room you find. To open the locked door, simply lit the pedestal according to the numbers on the floor (like Igraine’s puzzle).

Recommended Level: 75- 80

Recommended time frame: Before the final battle

Property: Undead

Weakness: none

Recommended attack:

A caster type, it’s very easy to stagger. Armatize immediately on the battle and then keep your attack until you run out of SC. I use Water armatization, the attack flow is

Saint’s Arrow => Shattered Deluge (strong against undead) => Binding Vortex

It has low HP so unleash your mystic artes anytime you want.

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