Posted on Nov 15, 2015

Tales of Zestiria Mutant Hellion Horus

You can find this on Falkewin Hillside. North part of the area (near the small dead end).

Recommended Level: 25-30

Recommended time frame: When you revisit falkewin hillside to enter the water trial. You can try to defeat it before going to Glaievend, but it’s a hard, so I suggest you to come back later :).

Property: Winged

Weakness: None

Recommended attack:

Armatize with Mikleo and use your Blistering Fang (2nd hidden arte; tilt up). Always wait for him to attack (keep your guard up). if he attack you then simply evade to the right or left, then use blistering fang. If it attacks your friend then simply attack him to prevent further damage. Once its HP drops below 50%, it will start use Mantra; it’s power full spell that damages everything nearby. You can still dead even if you’re at lvl 40, so maintain your distance!!

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